Warfarin’s (Coumadin/Jantoven) Deadly FDA Warning – View This Now

The "Black Box Warning" is the most serious warning from the FDA, alerting doctors and patients of the dangerous side effects of a drug. Warfarin has such warning. Designed to be used short term, it is commonly prescribed to be used long term. A better...

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Today I want to quickly talk about the horrible and deadly effects of Warfarin, which is the generic name for Coumadin and Jantoven.

I’ll start with my own personal dealings with this drug.

What Is Warfarin?

This is a blood thinner from a class of drugs called anticoagulants. These are typically prescribed to treat or prevent blood clots that may result in a heart attack, stroke, or death.

FDA “Black Box” Death Warning

Before I start, I want to let you know that Warfarin gets a “Black Box Warning”. This is the most serious warning from the FDA, alerting doctors and patients of the potentially dangerous effects, which can lead to death.


And one of the primary ones being bleeding to death. The scariest and hardest to diagnose is INTERNAL bleeding, which you can’t see.

My Personal Dealings

Now, I’m very familiar with this drug because one of my aunts and uncles were prescribed this drug. Also one of my cousins after giving birth.

Now, my uncle would tell me how his urine was weird colors – like almost light brown. His stool was also much darker in color.

As weird as this sounds, he’s a smart guy because he always pays attention to what comes out of him and into the toilet. There’s a LOT you can learn from this.

As for my aunt, she would always say how much she’s bleeding. How she’s bruising all the time. She would wear long-sleeved clothing and pants because the massive dark spots and bruising were too ugly.


Everyone would ask if “she’s okay, what’s wrong”, if she fell or was in an accident or god forbid, in a physically abusive relationship.

They both got tired of these negatives, including weird pains they would have.

At first, they didn’t even tell me that they were taking this drug because their doctors didn’t warn them about such things. They made it like this was a “no big deal” drug despite the FDA Black Box warning.

When in fact, it very much is and my aunt almost died from it.

When I told them to get off the drug, speak to their doctor, and use natural blood thinners, which I’ll tell you about in a minute, BOTH of their doctors immediately said, “NO, this has to be taken forever, no alternatives!!!”

Of course, what else are they going to say? Most doctors are professional drug dealers. They know nothing about natural methods, only prescription drugs.

How My Aunt Almost Died

Well, one day my aunt was in a car accident. When the ambulance took her to the hospital, the paramedic noticed she wasn’t coagulating – thus, she would NOT stop bleeding.

When he asked my aunt what medications she was on, she listed them and then mentioned Warfarin and immediately the paramedic gave her another drug to save her life – a coagulant to prevent her from bleeding to death – which is a major side-effect of Warfarin and similar drugs.

He said paramedics see this problem often when people are in such accidents where there’s bleeding. The scariest is when there’s internal bleeding and they don’t know or can’t see it and people just bleed to death.

He said “these drugs were originally designed to be only used short term, to SAVE someone’s life so they don’t have blood clots and get a heart attack or stroke… but no more than 60-90 days and after that, to use safer and more natural methods to improve blood flow.”

This is what happened to my cousin who almost died of a blood clot when she was about to give birth to her twins.

To SAVE her life, the doctors gave her a powerful anticoagulant during childbirth and then Warfarin immediately after, for about 90 days.

At which point, I and her husband, who is a doctor, insisted she gets off the drugs because it did its job and now, she needed to take natural solutions to improve her blood flow and circulation, which don’t have any negatives.

Natural Blood Thinners

This is when I put her on healthier fats, such as fish oil. I also gave her a supplement that contained natural and powerful blood thinners, such as Vitamin E and Magnesium.

Plus, two of my favorites:

  • Nattokinase – which is an enzyme that fights Fibrin Buildup — a major cause of thick blood — and thus, naturally thins the blood, reduces high blood pressure and improves circulation.Nattokinase
  • White Willow Bark Extract (25% Salicin) – which is the natural form of Aspirin. This extract is what Aspirin was based on originally. But since the pharmaceutical companies can’t patent natural ingredients, they turned it into a drug which they’ve made billions of dollars on over the past century.White-Willow-Bark-Extract


I later made a more powerful formula that includes these ingredients and some amino acids which help improve blood flow and circulation throughout the entire body including your brain.

What My Own Family & I Use

I then gave the ingredients in the formula to my uncle and aunt, and then to my parents. I even use that formula for better blood flow.

You can get all the details in this special link.

Use it yourself, improve your health, and you don’t have to worry about any negative side-effects.

At the least, simply add in high dose fish oil, about 3-6 grams daily and Vitamin E, about 400-1200 units daily to get started.

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