Is Bitter Gourd Good for Diabetics

There is a vegetable in some Asian countries known as Bitter Gourd and it has been known to provide a number of healthy benefits. For those who suffer from diabetes, one of the most interesting effects that is produced by the vegetable is its ability to reduce the blood glucose or sugar levels. This makes it a vital part of any diet for diabetics as it can reduce the very sugars in the blood which are causing damage to the body.

Bitter gourd has been used for a number of years for many different health reasons, but its positive effects for those who suffer from diabetes is certainly notable. Today, it is available in teas, juices, extracts and pills for those who want the benefits of this product. The effects of bitter gourd were certainly noticed long before the scientific community became interested, but today it has become one of the more popular types of natural products that can be used to help fight the effects of diabetes.

The Advantages of Bitter Gourd

There are a number of benefits that this product produces for the body, in particular when it comes to helping those with diabetes gain control of their blood sugar spikes.

Lower Blood Sugar Level: It has been shown through a number of studies that bitter gourd helps reduce the amount of glucose in the blood and affects it in a very positive manner as well. Unlike many prescription drugs, bitter gourd does not just target one area of the body, but affects the metabolism of the glucose in all parts.

Cause Insulin to Be Produced: One of the most noted effects of bitter gourd is that it actually causes the pancreas to create insulin which counteracts the effects of the blood sugar levels being raised in the body. This unique effect is very helpful for those who suffer from diabetes as it will help keep the sugars or glucose under control.

Lower Digestion of Carbohydrates: The consumption of carbohydrates causes sugars to be metabolized in the blood which is how the energy from the food is being used. However, too much metabolizing of the sugars leads to damage to the blood vessels, nerves and organs in the body. By reducing the amount of metabolizing while still in the intestinal track, bitter gourd keeps the levels of glucose from spiking which means that fewer insulin treatments are needed after meals are consumed.

Other Effects of Bitter Gourd

There are other notable effects from bitter gourd which includes reversing the insulin resistance. This notable effect can help keep people who may be on the verge of become diabetic to change course and stop the effects before they have a chance to start.

Furthermore, many of the complications that diabetes has on the body can be stopped with the normal ingestion of bitter root, including the notable risks of blindness, heart attack and stroke to name a few. Bitter gourd can even help prevent much of the hypertension, high plasma cholesterol and lipid that have a negative effect on the body as well.

For those who are looking at utilizing natural cures to help fight the effects of diabetes, bitter gourd offers a tremendous amount of promise.

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