Is Dragon Fruit Good for Diabetics

Also called “Pitaya”, dragon fruit is very exotic in appearance and comes from Central America and Mexico. However, it is most popular in Southeast Asia where it can be found in virtually every market in Vietnam. The fruit itself was popularized by the French in the latter half of the 19th century and it quickly spread though Vietnam and other countries in the Southeast Asia region.

It’s rather bizarre coloring and appearance may initially put off many westerners, but the health benefits are certainly considerable for those who are seeking alternatives to the fruits they have on their dinner table. For diabetics the question is whether this fruit it good for them and can be a part of their overall diet.

The Benefits of Dragon Fruit

There are a number of benefits that this fruit provides, particularly to those who eat a healthy diet. The particular advantages that dragon fruit offers diabetics are also sound when the product is consumed in moderation.

Weight Loss: Because of the fiber content, dragon fruit helps you feel full for longer periods of time which means that you eat less and can cut down on overeating which translates to weight loss. Add to this the high content of the B vitamins and you have a body that is running more efficiently as a result.

Vitamin C: This vitamin not only helps boost the immune system, but it also provides plenty of antioxidants to suppress the free radicals in the body which cause premature aging. In fact, Vitamin C is known to help prevent cardiovascular disease and even help prevent the occurrence of type 2 diabetes.

Minerals: There are plenty of good minerals that can be found in dragon fruit, most importantly calcium and iron which offer good bone and muscle health. Plus, the minerals help oxygen travel through the body more efficiently as well.

Fiber: The amount of fiber in dragon fruit keeps control of blood sugar levels and even prevents carcinogens from being absorbed in the intestinal tract which means it is a cancer-preventative agent. Having plenty of fiber in your diet is very important for your overall health.

In addition to the internal health qualities that dragon fruit brings is as facial masks that will help the skin feel younger and healthier. This is a very popular treatment as the vitamins and minerals go to work on the skin that will help you look younger and even fight the effects of sunburns and acne as well. For many, this is the primary use of dragon fruit and one that is enjoyed in many different places.

The low amount of calories, fat and solid protein content make this a remarkable fruit that is highly popular in certain parts of the world and is spreading today thanks to its many benefits. Overall, dragon fruit makes an excellent companion to any diet being consumed by a person suffering from type 2 diabetes. However, because of the sugar content it is important to eat this fruit in moderation lest you suffer detrimental effects from the sugar that is contained inside.

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