Is Glucerna Good for Diabetics

Many people with diabetes have probably heard about Glucerna because it is used in many shakes and bars that is designed especially for those who have a diabetic condition. This particular product is very low in calories and sugars, yet it is high in good nutrients such as proteins. Over the years there have been several studies as to the effect of Glucerna and the conclusions have been that it does offer some assistance in controlling blood sugars, but it is not considered a cure or the end-all-be-all when it comes to sugar substitutes.

Glucerna is designed to keep the effects of high blood sugar down to a minimum. The key ingredient in this product are carbohydrates which provide the body with energy, but instead of the fast digesting type that can lead to these spikes, Glucerna contains the slow digesting type that that keeps blood sugar levels reasonable. This means that people who use glucerna can worry less about having a spike in their blood sugar levels.

This product is used frequently in meal replacement shakes and bars that help reduce the caloric intake while still providing plenty of nutrients. Glucerna is typical of most meal replacement bars and shakes, but it does contain on average more proteins that the competition. Proteins are slow to digest, but do not cause blood sugar spikes. Plus, they help build muscle tissue which means that they can be used for those who exercise. In addition, this product contains Vitamins C and E which can be very helpful in providing the proper nutrients along with phytosterols and selenium which have proven benefits to the health as well.

Good Carbohydrates

Glucerna uses carbohydrates that are slow to digest, yet they still provide plenty of energy for the body. These are the types of carbs found in fruits, non-starchy vegetables, pasta, steel-cut oats and stone ground whole wheat. When added in with the proteins which help to satisfy the hunger, Glucerna may seem like the ultimate ingredient to help people with diabetes overcome their situation.

However, there may be side effects when Glucerna is over-consumed which means that diabetics will have to be careful in balancing the consumption of the product over time. It is best used when part of an exercise program and taking in too much of this product may actually impede your weight loss efforts. For those who are looking to reduce their weight and lower their risks, Glucerna is certainly a product worthy of considerable. This is especially true when used in conjunction with low calorie meals and meal replacement bars or shakes.

Maintaining the proper weight is an important consideration when it comes to managing type 2 Diabetes. This is why Glucerna has risen in popularity in recent years as an effective product in the treatment of this disease. However, it is not a cure nor can be it be relied upon to supplement all the nutrition needed on a daily basis.

When used in moderation, Glucerna offers many advantages for those who suffer from diabetes and anyone else who wants to reduce their weight.

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