7 Natural Herbs and Vitamins that Lower Blood Sugar

You don’t have to be a diabetic to benefit from having a lower blood sugar. When you have too much sugar in your blood, your body won’t function as well as it could. The sugars interact with your nervous system and can cause pain. They can interact with your kidneys, increasing your risk of forming a disease. High sugar levels can even be a contributing factor to the development of urinary tract infections or thrush if left unchecked.

If you have been diagnosed with Type II diabetes, it can be a struggle to ensure your blood sugar levels stay in your targeted range. Your levels could be higher than they should be, but not high enough to take the medication you have to lower your blood sugar. That leaves you in an uncomfortable position, doesn’t it?

Thankfully there are a number of natural herbs and vitamins that can help to lower your blood sugar by as many as 40 points. If you are a diabetic, you’ll want to discuss these options with your doctor so that you can be properly monitored. After all, having blood sugar that is too low can be problematic as well. When diagnosed as a diabetic, you show your blood sugar levels as a little outside of normal. However, you can lower your blood sugar in as little as 1 hour.

7 Natural Ways to Lower Blood Sugar Levels

1. Apple Cider Vinegar.
Although it may take several hours to kick in, apple cider vinegar has been repetitively shown to be able to reduce blood sugar levels. It is more of a proactive natural way to lower blood sugars, so adding this item to your daily routine might be part of your treatment plan. You’ll want to find some form of extract to take this supplement. If you drink two tablespoons of it straight, outside of the flavor of it there is also the potential of hurting your teeth due to the acidity of the vinegar.

2. Chromium.
The effects of this supplement can happen in just 60 minutes and have been proven over the course of multiple clinical studies. It acts to increase the efficiency of your liver, which means you’ll end up causing liver damage if you use too much of it every day. It’s more of a mineral than an herb or a vitamin, but its effects simply cannot be denied. It helps your body interact with insulin so that it tolerates glucose a lot better. It also seems to add in the metabolism of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. A little bit of this natural alternative will lower blood sugar levels and help you feel better very soon.

3. Cinnamon.
You might be putting on some cinnamon to top your oatmeal in the morning or maybe for your French toast, but you’ll need a lot more of it to start lowering your blood sugar. The most effective way to add this item to your diet is to take it in capsule form in order to naturally reduce your blood sugars. Take one capsule at each meal and you’ll help your body deal with the food you’re eating in a variety of ways, from better digestion to better glucose absorption. As an added bonus, you might be able to keep yeast infections at bay and lower your cholesterol levels as well. Try to stay away from Ceylon cinnamon, however, because it is often thought to be less effective for blood sugar control.

4. Fenugreek.
Although this is often available as a powder, most of the clinical research that has taken place on this item to naturally lower blood sugar has been to soak the seeds in hot water. This item helps the body maintain its maximum processing ability and is used for a variety of needs. New mothers, for example, may take this item to help increase their amount of breast milk that they make. It also works effectively as a laxative, so watch how much you take of this supplement. One of the issues in taking Fenugreek is that it can make your urine smell like maple syrup, which is indicative of having too high of blood sugar and that can throw people off or create anxiety that they’ve raised their sugar levels instead of lowered them.

5. Green Tea Extract.
Anything that begins to dilute your system will naturally lower your blood sugars, which means any water-based drink that doesn’t contain sweeteners or high levels of caffeine is going to work. Green tea, however, has the ability to lower blood sugars all on its own. When consumed after a meal, the extract can help to lower blood sugar levels in as little as 30 minutes. As an added advantage, there are a number of other uses for this item to help your body function better thanks to all of its bioactive compounds. It helps with how your brain functions, can lower your risks of cancer, and can even help you lose weight because it helps to boost metabolic rates.

6. Vitamin B1.
You might recognize this vitamin as thiamine. What it does is help the body metabolize keto sugars, which means it can enhance the process of how the body is able to utilize glucose. For some, this can lead to lower blood sugar levels, but doesn’t necessarily work in all cases. Why is that? The primary reason is that some diabetics tend to be deficient in thiamine in the first place, so the supplements they take simply restore their levels instead of creating therapeutic levels.

7. Vitamin B6.
If people don’t have enough pyridoxine in their system, then they aren’t controlling the acids that can build up that create insulin intolerance. This vitamin will help to lower blood sugar levels in those who are deficient in their levels of it, but may not assist those who have the right amount of B6 already. What it can do is help relieve the pain of nerve damage that is caused by diabetes when taken in moderate amounts. Too much of it can actually cause nerve damage too.

When you’ve got the vitamins and minerals that can help to naturally lower blood sugar in your diet every day, you’ve got a powerful way to make sure your glucose levels are under control. Consider adding these items today. Speak with a doctor if you are a diabetic before taking anything new, however, because some of these items may interact with the medications you may be taking.

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