Drinking This Increases Both Breast & Prostate Cancer

Genetics and hormones are primary factors which can cause cancer. However, there are also a lot of external factors that can cause more harm to your body than estrogen. A major environmental toxin is BPA, which is man-made and...

Unfortunately, both breast and prostate cancer rates have increased over the years — despite better and earlier screening and detection. However, the good news is that survival rates have increased.1-5

Of course, there are lots of factors which can cause cancer – primary ones always being genetics and hormones.

And, there’s one hormone both prostate AND breast cancer have in common and that’s estrogen. Both show elevations in this female hormone for both cancers.6-8

Now, this may make sense to people for women.

But, why would it do so for men? It’s complicated, but as estrogen levels go up, DHT (dihydrotestosterone) levels go up as well – because it’s your body’s natural, “estrogen inhibitor”.

However, as both estrogen and DHT go up, both cause a DECREASE in the protective hormone, testosterone.

Again, this is very simple, but that’s the basic summary of it.

Why Are Estrogen Levels Higher?

Now, there are lots of reasons for higher estrogen levels – both “Endogenously” (internally), as well as “Exogenously” (externally).

For example, fat cells produce more estrogen. Thus, the higher your body fat, the higher your estrogen. This would be an “internal” Endogenous cause.

So, one goal to lower estrogen internally would be to decrease your body fat.

Then there are lots of “external” exogenous causes, from the foods we eat to the chemical toxins in the environment.

However, today I want to focus on a major “external” toxin and that’s BPA (bisphenol A). This is an environmental estrogen that’s far more harmful to your body than natural estrogen.

BPA is a man-made toxin.

It’s one of the most common synthetic chemicals which enter the human body from plastic bottles, food packaging, and even dental materials.

It causes endocrine and hormonal disorders.6

It also increases your risk for testicular, breast, and prostate cancer.6

It’s even linked to insulin resistance, higher blood sugar levels, and diabetes.7

Point is, BPA is very bad for you and sadly, it’s found almost everywhere.

The Major Source Of BPA Toxin

So, I bring all of this up because a major and primary source of BPA in most people is from plastic water bottles.

Now, you may have already known this – that plastic water bottles are bad for you.

bpa bottles

But you probably didn’t know why or just HOW bad – especially as it relates to estrogen and increasing your risk for breast and prostate cancer.

So, the first thing you need to do is STOP using plastic bottles. They’re horrible for the environment, as well as your body.

Better to get a water filter at home and fill up a glass bottle. Or, make sure you use only BPA-free plastic water bottles.

There should be a triangle on the bottle with a number in the middle. It’s typically found at the bottom of the bottle.

The following image shows you what’s safe and what you should avoid:


For sure, you need to avoid a 3, 4, and 7.

If you decide to still use these toxic bottles, make sure you

  • NEVER heat the bottle.
  • NEVER leave it in the sun.
  • Don’t re-use it.

And the truth is, in the past, I did use these bottles. They’re convenient. But I’ve stopped and after doing the research, I wish I had done so a long time ago.

Needless to say, it’s never too late. You can for sure still improve your hormone levels, at any age.

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