The REAL Cause & Solutions For Prostate Cancer

Today I have a very important topic for guys… I’ll dispel the myth and reveal the REAL cause AND cure for prostate cancer. I bring this up because of personal reasons – I have a family history of prostate cancer. In fact, about 2 years ago my uncle died of it Unfortunately, he lived in another country and...

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Today I have a very important topic for guys… I’ll dispel the myth and reveal the REAL cause AND solutions for prostate cancer.

I bring this up because of personal reasons – I have a family history of prostate cancer.

In fact, about 2 years ago my uncle died of it. Unfortunately, he lived in another country and I didn’t have much contact with him to help him.

So, hopefully this article can help you or someone you care about… Whether you’re in the US or anywhere else in the world!

Anti-Androgens Do NOT Work!

The other day I asked my friend how his dad is doing because his father has prostate cancer.

My friend said “he’s doing fine, his cancer has regressed and his prostate has decreased as well”.

It was great news and I asked him how this was done?…

My buddy said “Dad is taking an anti-androgen drug to kill off all his testosterone… Unfortunately, my dad feels like crap. Depressed, moody and zero sex drive or zest for life. But, at least no more cancer”

Now, my friend is a doctor and he’s a smart guy.

Unfortunately, I knew this was the WRONG way to deal with this situation. That his dad should NOT be taking “testosterone killing” drugs.

Higher Testosterone Protects The Prostate

I then told him that higher testosterone is actually PROTECTIVE AGAINST prostate cancer and that the REAL cause is an imbalance and higher levels of “negative” hormones such as estrogens (female hormone), DHT (hair loss hormone) and cortisol (stress hormone).

In addition to inflammatory responses from other hormones…

He quickly argued with me and told me about a clinical study using these “testosterone killing”, anti-androgen drugs and how they stopped the prostate cancer…

Well, at this point in my life, I no longer argue with people — especially “know-it-all” doctors.

There’s just no point. They will see things THEIR way and always believe that drugs and surgery is the only way to fix a problem.

So I then just dropped the topic and that was it.

You Don’t Need Drugs Or Surgery

However, I’m sharing this story with you so you can learn from it and not BLINDLY accept whatever drugs your doctor gives you or someone you care about it.

So let me quickly dispel the myth about what causes prostate cancer.

The REAL Cause Of Prostate Cancer

Now, for decades scientists have given men with prostate cancer, anti-androgen drugs such as Flutamide.1,2

Basically, these types of drugs are forms of “medical castration”.

They completely turn OFF your testicles from producing any hormones, which is primarily testosterone for men.

The end result was a regression in prostate cancer and a decrease in BPH.1,2 Unfortunately, a man is no longer a “man”.

Having no testosterone causes him to

  • be depressed,
  • have no sex drive,
  • lose of muscle and strength,
  • have higher belly fat,
  • higher levels of cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, etc., etc.

All problems related to “low testosterone”.

However, if you no longer have cancer, I guess these problems are okay and you’ll “tolerate” life.

Unfortunately, this thought process was and is completely wrong.

Teenagers & Prostate Cancer?…

You see, if “high testosterone” was the real cause of prostate problems, then all guys in their teenage years and 20’s, would have issues because this is the time when a man’s testosterone is the highest.

Yet, guys have no prostate problems during these years … right?

The TRUTH is that as a man ages, AND his testosterone is dropping, is when he starts having the prostate problems.

Estrogen – The REAL Problem

And recent research reveals the cause of this is an imbalance of hormones, which is high estrogens, resulting in lowered testosterone.4

And THIS is why taking these horrible “anti-androgen” drugs worked.

They completely block all the testosterone in your body and thus, there was nothing to convert to estrogen and the end result was yes, less testosterone… and thus, the thought process that “testosterone causes prostate problems”

However, having no testosterone also, LOWERS estrogens and THAT was the REAL reason these drugs worked.

In fact, increasing your testosterone levels while also decreasing your estrogens and other “negative” hormones such as DHT, prolactin and cortisol…

is the REAL CURE for prostate cancer!3,6

And that’s the REAL secret – the optimal balance between these hormones.4,5

You want the same ratio and levels of hormones that you did in your 20’s when you were the HEALTHIEST!

For decades I’ve been saying this because we have prostate cancer in my family.

Backed By Multiple Clinical Studies

And now, there are multiple studies backing everything up.4

In fact, one study4 included 18 total studies involving almost 20,000 men and it showed that increasing testosterone helped protect against prostate cancer.

So the bottom line is that if you want to live a healthier and longer life, if you want to decrease your risk of prostate problems and also increase your libido, you want to actually INCREASE your testosterone levels and decrease your “negative” hormones such as female (estrogens, prolactin, etc.) and stress hormones (cortisol).

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