Ginger POWDER vs Ginger EXTRACT - What’s better?

Ginger POWDER vs Ginger EXTRACT – What’s better?

Is ginger powder the same as ginger extract? No, not at all. Ginger powder is for TASTE, it has no real value or you have to take tablespoons of it. The EXTRACT has all the potency!!! Make sure it’s at least 5% extract, which is standardized, and take other herbs with it such as curcumin […]

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🩸 Top 10 Artery Cleansing Foods In 2023


Having healthy blood flow and circulation is one of the most important factors for a healthy body and the prevention of heart problems. It’s more important than cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Without having to change your diet or exercise. But first, let me reveal the top 10 “artery cleansing” foods you should be eating […]

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