Why TRT Won't Help Your Testosterone Issues!

⚠️Why TRT Won’t Help Your Testosterone Issues! (2023 update)


Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is a hot topic and a big money maker for doctors. However, it may not always be effective and can even lead to impotence. To develop an effective treatment plan, it is very important to do a comprehensive hormone analysis. It must include free testosterone, estradiol, DHT, thyroid panel, and vitamin […]

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Do You Have Low Testosterone? Symptoms & Solutions…

⚠️Do You Have Low Testosterone?Symptoms & Solutions For 2023

Getting a full blood test is ideal to determine if you have low testosterone. Simple hormone levels alone are not enough. You should also check total and free levels, sex hormone-binding globulins, estrogen levels, and DHT levels. Even if your levels are in the normal range, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re feeling normal. It’s important […]

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🌿 8 Best Herbs For Increasing Your Testosterone

🌿 8 Best Herbs For Increasing Your Testosterone – Clinically Proven For 2023

Today I’m going to reveal the 8 best herbs that are clinically & empirically proven to help increase your testosterone levels… And more importantly, KEEP testosterone elevated. I say “more importantly” because it’s kind of easy to increase testosterone levels… at least, temporarily. The challenge is KEEPING your testosterone elevated, long-term. And this is because […]

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Best Way To Grow Muscle - 𝗧𝗿𝗮𝗶𝗻 𝗧𝗼 𝗙𝗮𝗶𝗹𝘂𝗿𝗲 Or Not?!!

💪 Best Way To Grow Muscle – Train To Failure Or Not?!! (2023)


When you go to the gym or work out, your goal is to build stronger and bigger muscles. When I was growing up, all the magazines would say, “you have to go to failure on all your sets” in order to build more muscle. “It’s that last rep that builds muscles” This is true and […]

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How Do You Fix Low Testosterone?

[ 2023 ] How Do You Fix Low Testosterone?

There are lots of reasons why your testosterone drops… Aging is, of course, one reason and this starts as early as your late 20s and for sure by your mid-’30s, we have lower testosterone levels. Stress is another major factor that affects all of us, especially younger people. Financial, relationships, sleep, exercise, and just “life” […]

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy [TRT]- Pros & Cons, Warnings & Alternatives

Testosterone Replacement Therapy [TRT] – Pros & Cons, Warnings & Alternatives

If your testosterone levels are too low ( below 250) your doctor will probably want to put you on testosterone replacement therapy ( TRT). Does it really work for increasing testosterone, what are the benefits and side effects and how it should be done properly – watch the above video to find out. But if […]

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Wet Dreams - Is it normal? Is something wrong? Why does it happen?

Wet Dreams – Is it normal?


Are wet dreams natural or is there a way to avoid them? Is it bad for you? Wet dreams or nocturnal emissions are perfectly normal – they are not bad at all. When your hormones are “wacky” – testosterone and free testosterone levels going up and down – like when you are young, you are […]

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You’re Not Lazy, It’s Your Hormones

You’re Not Lazy, It’s Your Hormones (testosterone, estrogen, insulin)

Your hormones affect how you look and feel – but they also affect your drive, motivation, and productivity. If you feel not driven, apathetic, or unmotivated…make sure you check your testosterone levels. Watch the above video for more details about how hormones affect your motivation and productivity and how low testosterone can make you lazy. […]

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Low Testosterone - Top 10 Negative Health Effects For Men

Low Testosterone – Top 10 Negative Health Effects For Men

I think most guys know that having low testosterone is not “cool”. When you’re young, horny, strong, muscular, and lean … you have high testosterone. When you’re old, can’t get erections, are tired, have no drive, get fat and flabby… you have low testosterone. Of course, I’m exaggerating a bit, but you get the point. However, […]

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