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Blood Flow

WARNING: #1 Disease That Causes Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and Impotence

These days, I get a lot of questions about erectile dysfunction (ED) and impotence. It’s become a lot more common now, than a few decades ago because of multiple reasons. The first is hormonal imbalances ...

How Poor Blood Flow Causes Erectile Dysfunction & How To Quickly Fix It

I’ve spoken many times in the past about the importance of having good blood flow for health, fitness and longevity. How good blood circulation can help you avoid a heart attack or stroke… and you’ll ALSO look and feel younger. However ...

Blood Pressure

3 Pressure Points That’ll Instantly Lower Your Blood Pressure

Lowering high blood pressure is a very important topic not only for avoiding a heart attack or stroke, but simply for a longer life. And personally speaking, this is very important for me because I have a family history of high blood pressure, which ...

Celery Seed Extract Lowers Hypertension Naturally – TIP

If you want to lower your blood pressure, you can do so naturally. You don’t need medication. You don’t even have to change your diet or exercise either. One simple way to lower your blood pressure is to use a specific form of ...


Most Powerful Fruit, Clinically Proven To Lower Your Cholesterol In Only 7 Days

Today I’m going to reveal the most powerful fruit, clinically proven to lower your cholesterol in only 7 days. Fructose sugar in fruits, can actually increase your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, while also increasing your risk for diabetes ...

Cholesterol Level Charts – HDL and LDL cholesterol

Today’s question is from Debbie and she asks “Can you please explain and simplify the cholesterol numbers and charts?” This is a good question because I think we should all know more about how our body works..

Blood Sugar

The Myth & REAL Cause of High Blood Sugar & Diabetes

Most people don’t know, but having high blood sugar is one of the primary causes of aging and disease. Of course, it causes diseases such as diabetes -- but also heart disease, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction and many others.

#1 Myth About The Best Time To Eat Fruit

One of my favorite foods is fruit. For me, it’s like desert. Sometimes I eat frozen bananas, cherries, mangos, pineapples and other tropical fruits. I just slowly eat the frozen fruit and you don’t need anything else with it – no extra sugars or toppings. Fruit has lots of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Weight Loss

Dr. Sam’s Weight Loss Hack #5 Don’t Drink THIS, If You Want To Lose...

Today I’ve got a very simple, yet overlooked weight loss tactic. It’s one of the first things I tell my clients to eliminate when trying to lose weight. And the results are instantly felt and seen. It’s something you can do right now and it won’t cost ...

Dr. Sam’s Weight Loss Hack #4 It’s Not What You Eat, But HOW You...

Most topics on weight loss talk about the best foods to eat or avoid… or how many calories to eat and so forth. But rarely does anyone discuss one of the most important aspects of weight loss and that’s HOW you eat your food ...

Energy & Fatigue

4 Ingredients To Instantly Lower Stress Hormones & Improve Adrenals

Did you know that an estimated 75-90% of visits to primary care physicians (your regular doctor) are related to the negative effects of stress? And I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “stress kills” and you know what, it does!

2 Proven Ingredients for Increasing ATP For Mental & Physical Energy

A common complaint among older adults is the loss of physical and mental energy. And this is because as people age, their cells’ ability to produce energy is diminished. Many scientists believe that cellular energy deficit is a critical factor in the onset of ...

Mood & Happiness

WARNING: Stress & Anxiety Cause Low Testosterone & Accelerated Aging

Today I want to write a article about one of the major causes that LOWERS testosterone in the first place and that’s stress, worry and anxiety. As a reminder, optimal testosterone levels have both physical AND psychological / emotional benefits. In fact ...

How To Instantly Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Panic With Salt

Discover how salt can actually decrease your anxiety, panic attacks and negative stress hormones... While improving your mood at the same time. And NO, it doesn't increase your blood pressure. But it all depends on the TYPE of salt you use...

Men's Health

Losing Muscle On Ketogenic Diets

Today I want to discuss ketogenic diets and muscle loss. This week alone I got 3 emails from people telling me they lost a ton of muscle size following a keto diet. It was from 2 men and 1 woman. One of them stated: “Doc Sam - I recently followed a ketogenic diet. I paid $100 and got a book, a membership ...

How Increase Your Testosterone, Reduce Stress and Be Confident in 2 Minutes

There is a simple strategy that you can use to reduce anxiety, improve your ability to deal with stress, and boost your confidence, while improving 2 key hormones simultaneously - all at the same time. The best part? It works immediately and ...

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