2 Best Exercises For Removing Calcium Deposits & Plaque Buildup From Your Arteries ( 2024 )

"YES, I Want Healthy Blood Flow"

Calcium has many benefits and it’s a very important mineral, especially in your BONES…

But NOT in your arteries and heart. In fact, calcium deposits and plaque buildup is a signs of early aging.

So you really need to be proactive and reverse and remove calcium and plaque buildup:

  1. For anti-aging purposes
  2. For healthy blood flow and circulation
  3. To help reduce your risk of heart problems.

And the good news is that no matter how old you are or how “bad” things may seem in your arteries, you can DEFINITELY help reverse and remove calcium and plaque buildup… quickly and easily.

And you can do it naturally, without drugs or crazy restrictive diets.

I’ve done it over and over again with hundreds and thousands of my clients, including my father!

I’m going to focus on the 2 best forms of exercise for removing calcium and plaque buildup. This is because these days, we’re sitting all the time and thus, you really need to do some form of exercise.

A combination of aerobic and anaerobic is best.

Aerobic Exercise


Aerobic means “with oxygen” and things like walking, jogging, playing sports, dancing, swimming, and so forth are all great.


I think walking is great and you don’t need much to start. Even 15-20 minutes, 3x weekly is great. The goal is at least 30 minutes, 3x weekly.


And if you have pain or trouble walking, even 3 minutes is a good start. Try your best to walk just a little bit MORE every single day, so you can build up your strength and stamina.


Another great aerobic exercise is using a rebounder, which is basically a mini-trampoline.

Rebounder-Exercise Calcium Deposits

I like this because it is very low impact and super easy on your joints. It also helps clean your lymph nodes, which helps prevent many health problems.

I put mine in front of the TV while watching a favorite show and do it for about 10-20 minutes daily. You don’t need much at all.

By the way, you’re not trying to jump high on it and try to touch the ceiling. You only need to go up a few inches. Just enough for your toes to be off the rebounder. It’s just a light up and down motion.

Again, almost anyone can do it, anytime and anyplace. You can even travel with it.

Anaerobic Exercise

In addition to aerobic exercise, you should also do anaerobic.

Anaerobic means “without oxygen” and this is mainly “resistances exercise” and lifting weights.


This can be with dumbbells and barbells, cables, machines, or even your own body weight.

Lifting weights has even MORE benefits than aerobics because it improves your hormones and increases calcium buildup in your BONES, where it should be.

The more muscle and heavier weights you lift, the stronger your bones … which is what we all need as we age.


Plaque and calcium building up in your arteries and heart are bad for your health because poor blood flow affects your entire body.

The best exercise for improved circulation is a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

You can do it daily or 3x a week. The goal is to stay active and slowly build your strength and stamina.

Combined with the right diet and supplements, you’ve assured healthy blood flow and circulation… This means better longevity and a  reduced risk of having heart problems.

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