7 Steps to a Healthy Heart


Smoking is obviously BAD in so many ways, so hopefully you are not or no long a smoker. If you are, please put in some effort to reduce and eliminate this addiction. It makes a HUGE difference.

Blood pressure and blood flow is actually a really big issue and the one of the PRIMARY causes of a heart attack or stroke. People and doctors don’t make this as big of a priority, but I hope you do. You can watch a free video about this topic and how my dad had a stroke recently because of this.

Losing weight is important on so many levels. And if your fat goes to your stomach, then you REALLY need to start considering some kind of healthy weight loss program Рbetter eating, daily  exercising and supplements to help speed up results.

Lowering cholesterol is one most people are aware of and this is very important. But your HDL/LDL ratios, lower triglycerides and homo-cysteine levels are also vital for a healthy heart and in my opinion, even MORE important than simply having “low cholesterol”. I discuss this in a free video and how I got my parents off statin drugs and naturally lowered their cholesterol and other harmful lipids.

Controlling your blood sugar is also very important and one that most people don’t consider when it comes to a having a healthy heart. Additionally, elevated glucose and insulin levels corrodes the arteries and also causes unhealthy fat gain, especially around the belly. You can watch a free video about this topic and how to quickly lower your blood sugar and A1c levels, naturally.

And finally, the most important aspect to a healthy heart and that’s a healthy life-style, which consists of the right kind of “diet” and specific type of exercises that will improve all the above mentioned criteria, naturally. I discuss this in detail in a free video if you’re interested.

Now, the SECRET TO SUCCESS in anything in life is to take action! So, please do something right now, to make improvements. There are links and suggestions on this page and if not, please do your own research and start making better choices today for a healthier tomorrow.