🧄 Is Garlic Good For Erections & Libido? (2024 update)

"YES, I Want Healthy Blood Flow"

It’s 2024 now and I got a new question from a subscriber:

“Hi, doc what about garlic.. It’s good for blood flow so must be epic for erection?”

Garlic does improve blood flow and circulation, but it doesn’t work for erections.

To make it work, you require a high dose which means you will smell. Even if your erections are better, nobody will want to have sex with you since you’re smelling like garlic =(

Garlic has many benefits:

  • improved blood flow and circulation
  • helps increase nitric oxide
  • Both of the above can help improve erections

But keep in mind that if you consume garlic, even in a pill, you WILL smell like garlic, and trust me, that’s not going to get you laid.

It’s simpler and easier to try herbs for increasing blood flow and nitric oxide – they are proven to work – and without the “smell” 🙂

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