Interesting, Disturbing & Shocking Facts About Blood Pressure

The below info-graphic reveals some interesting, disturbing and shocking facts about blood pressure and how it affects your health. Take a quick look and then read my short summary at the end…



What’s Interesting:

What I found interesting here is how much age effects blood pressure. This is something I mentioned in a very important article I recently wrote.

In my article I talk about how only 6% of people in their 20’s have blood pressure problems. But it shoots up to around 30% in your 30’s and 40’s and about 70% past the age of 65.

Thus, the REAL cause is a change in your hormones, due to aging. You can read more about this…

What’s Disturbing:

Personally, I found it disturbing that about 33% of people have blood pressure problems.

What’s even worse is that another 1/3 have PRE-condition. This means that your blood pressure is above normal, but not yet “super-high”.

That’s millions of people walking around with a “ticking time bomb”, which could easily result in heart failure at any moment!

The sad part is all the unnecessary use of toxic and harmful prescription drugs when you go to your doctor. When you can support healthy blood pressure naturally, quickly, and easily!

What’s Shocking:

This part is the scariest.

  • 70% of people who have heart failure, have blood pressure problems!
  • 80% of people who have a stroke, have blood pressure problems!

Actually, I could list even more facts that’ll shock you. But, I hope you get the point.

DO NOT WAIT to make improvements in your blood pressure levels. You can do it naturally, quickly, easily, and WITHOUT the use of harmful drugs.

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