🧀 New Study In 2024 – Is Cheese The Key To Living Longer?

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So I got an email asking about a recent study1 that showed how eating cheese might be the secret to living longer.

The Cheese Study

I’ll simplify the study…

  • 130,000 people
  • 21 different countries
  • Between the age of 35-70 years old
  • Separated into 2 groups – reduced-fat dairy and full-fat dairy


The research concluded that “eating more than two servings a day of processed cow milk was conducive to seeing some major decreases in not only your risk of heart problems but for risk of cardiovascular disease as well.

But, in my opinion, this is all total nonsense. So, let me quickly dig a little deeper.

The study showed that people, “who consumed the most whole-fat dairy, 3.2 servings per day on average, had lower mortality rates at 3.3 percent from the baseline and a 3.7 percent risk of developing cardiovascular disease. But those who ate less than 0.5 servings of dairy had a risk of cardiovascular disease at 5 percent.

So, in plain English, this means:

  • Having full-fat dairy reduced mortality or death, compared to those who had NO dairy — by 0.5%… yes, that’s HALF of 1%
  • Those who had barely any dairy, HALF a serving daily, had a higher cardiovascular risk by 1.3% than NON-dairy eaters. YUP, that’s a little over just 1%

So, as you can see, this is all meaningless.

Additionally, the bigger takeaway here is that FULL-fat dairy is the common denominator to cardiovascular health and thus, a HIGHER fat consumption.

What Does This Result Mean Exactly?

This means that with higher fat, you have better blood sugar control, which is the REAL key to living longer.

This is why ketogenic diets or intermittent fasting are healthy – mainly due to better blood sugar levels and improved insulin sensitivity.

And there are simple ways to achieve these goals and I’ll tell you in a minute.

The other issue I have is that dairy has lots of negative health concerns.

MOST dairy comes from animals and cows that are NOT healthy. They are full of drugs, hormones, and antibiotics and live unhealthy lifestyles. They are fed unhealthy diets, NOT grass-fed or pasture-raised.


THUS, they are unhealthy animals, and that all goes directly into the milk and then into you.

Remember, it’s not only about the animals you eat, but more so – about what the animals ate as well.

An unhealthy animal means unhealthy meat which means that unhealthiness goes directly into your mouth and in your body and makes YOU unhealthy.

When it comes to food – like most things in life – it’s about QUALITY and not “quantity”.

Cow Milk For Humans?

Lastly, as I’ve stated in previous articles and seminars, MILK is for babies. And COW milk is for BABY cows.

We are the only animal who continues to consume dairy well into adulthood. AND, we consume the diary of OTHER animals. None of this makes sense, right?

NO other animal does this. It’s not normal. It’s not natural.

So, stop doing it.

Yes, dairy tastes great. I LOVE butter and cheese. I mean, anything tastes better with butter and cheese, right? Pizza is my favorite food. I can eat it any time of the day, hot or cold.

But, dairy should NOT be consumed and certainly not daily.

So, What’s The Real Key To Living Longer?

What’s important here is that you eat plenty of healthy fats and manage your blood sugar levels, which is the REAL key to living a longer and healthier life.


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  1. https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(18)31812-9/fulltext
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