THIS Type Of Sugar Causes Erectile Problems

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There are a variety of causes for erectile problems like hormonal imbalances, poor blood flow, or emotional and psychological issues.

One Of The Biggest Causes Of ED

However, most experts and even doctors never talk about one of the biggest causes of erectile problems and that has to do with sugar.

1 – First Problem – Negative Hormonal Changes

As blood sugar levels go up, your body and pancreas release insulin to help lower blood sugar back down to normal, healthy levels.

Insulin interacts with other hormones, such as testosterone, estrogen, prolactin … and stress hormones like Cortisol…. And also anti-aging hormones such as Growth Hormone and IGF.

2- Second Problem – Poor Blood Flow

Secondly, high blood sugar and erectile problems are related to your circulation and nervous system.

Poorly controlled blood sugar levels can damage small blood vessels and nerves. Damage to the nerves that control sexual stimulation and response, can impede a man’s ability to achieve an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse.

Reduced blood flow from damaged blood vessels further contribute to erectile dysfunction and impotence.

So, What Does This Mean For You?

Support healthy blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity, and you’ll definitely improve your ability to have bigger, harder and fuller erections…. In addition to improving your overall health, fitness & longevity.

So, how do you support healthy blood sugar and insulin sensitivity, so you can also improve your erections?

Well, the short answer is to lose fat and gain muscle.

Of course, that’s easier said than done for most of us.

And because of this, I prepared additional resources, articles, and videos about the easiest and fastest ways to have healthy blood sugar & insulin sensitivity.

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