How Does Benecol Reduce Cholesterol

How bad is the typical American diet? The American Medical Association recently recommended that virtually everyone begin taking statins as a proactive measure to reduce the risks of heart disease development because of the foods that people are eating. With cholesterol levels going out of control in the US and around the world, finding ways to lower those levels in an affordable way becomes a priority.

That’s why many people are turning to Benecol. Through a series of products that include smart chews and butter substitutes, heart health is becoming a priority for many once again. How can this one product help to lower cholesterol levels?

It’s All About the Plant Stanol Esters

Your body needs cholesterol to make a lot of things, including the essential hormones that help to give you energy and keep you focused every day. What Benecol does is block the absorption of cholesterol through the digestive system, which naturally lowers bad cholesterol levels because that’s how the LDL bad stuff is typically put into your body. The Plant Stanol Esters has over 60 scientific studies supporting its use, so it isn’t just another multi-level marketing scheme.

It works to increase the strength of the intestinal wall that would normally absorb foods and convert them into glucose and other needed fuel in the blood stream. It won’t completely block everything, but it will greatly reduce the LDL cholesterol because it forces it through the intestinal tract and then out as waste. Best of all, it can begin working in as little as 2 weeks and it won’t interfere with statins that you might already be using.

Lifestyle Changes Aren’t Always Enough To Control Cholesterol

It’s never too late to begin managing your bad cholesterol levels, assuming your heart is still beating and you’re breathing while reading this article! Many people can control their cholesterol levels effectively with just a few lifestyle changes that include a little extra exercise, a better nutritional profile, or just a little less stress. Fruits, vegetables, and lean meats can all lower bad cholesterol levels… but it isn’t always enough.

That’s why Benecol is such an effective product to add to your lifestyle. Not only is it proven to work, but if you eat just one smart chew at meal time, for example, you’ll get a full month’s supply of Benecol products for less than the cost of eating out with the family. The one issue people may face in this product, however, is with an allergy they may have. Benecol contains both dairy and soy ingredients.

If you want to manage your cholesterol levels without the help of medication, then Benecol is the only over-the-counter solution that can do just that. It’s affordable and effective and can begin working right away to control the bad cholesterol numbers that could be putting your health at risk. Why not try it for yourself today?

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