17 Power Foods for Your Heart

The below info-graphic lists some great foods you should be eating daily for a healthier body and mind, especially for heart health.

Remember, lifestyle improvementsdiet, exercise, stress management, and supplementswill ALWAYS be a better, safer, and healthier choice, than taking prescription drugs.

“So, What’s The Most Important?…”

Now, one common question I get asked is “what’s the most important factor – diet or exercise or supplements?…”

My initial answer would be

  1. DIET – You are what you eat. Food affects your entire health.
  2. EXERCISE – Improves hormones, and reduces stress.
  3. SUPPLEMENTS – Supplies lacking nutrients that you can’t get from a diet.

However, the TRUE answer is they’re ALL very important, and together, they create a special “synergy” where you get better results, with LESS effort! … and that’s something we all want.

Confused?… “Info Overload”?…

Unfortunately, there’s so much contradictory information these days, especially online … that it’s easy to get confused and feel overwhelmed, wouldn’t you agree?…

That’s why I created the “Healthy Cholesterol Formula”, to help give you clarity and reveal simple solutions and tips, which will help make big improvements in your heart’s health.

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The above info-graphic really does a great job of listing some of the very best foods for BOTH general and heart health. I eat most of these foods daily myself.

What some people will miss, is the “go meatless” recommendation. Which I also believe. Try NOT eating any animal protein for at least one day of the week.

Take a look at the free video because it gives simple and easy tips, for faster results for healthy heart health and cholesterol levels.

Discover The “Healthy Cholesterol Formula” My Parents Use »

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