21 Foods For Healthy Cholesterol

It’s unfortunate that the first thing doctors “prescribe” when they find out their patient has high cholesterol is a DRUG! … When they should be prescribing a healthier lifestyle, wouldn’t you agree?…

There are many natural ways to get healthy cholesterol levels, without ever needing harmful drugs.

Take a look at a few of the heart-healthy foods below and try to incorporate them into your daily diet.

Foods Good for the Heart cholesterol


You’ll notice that protein is not on this list. However, I would also consider fish, especially those high in Omega 3 oils… such as those found in wild-caught Salmon, to also be beneficial for your heart.

You don’t have to take harmful medications to lower your cholesterol. The right diet, daily exercise, and specific herbs and vitamins can all help cholesterol levels. 

In fact, this is exactly what I did for my own parents – check out the free video for more details…

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