5 Best Fruits and Vegetables for Your Heart

Most people just don’t get enough fruits and vegetables – especially veggies (me included!). Mainly because they tend to go bad quickly, it can get expensive (your want organic) and cleaning them can be “work” for some. Of course, vegetables don’t always taste “yummy” either.

Below are some good ones you should try to include in your diet daily…

But make sure to read my “Summary” at the end for other important life-style changes you can make for total heart health.


A healthy life-style is very important for having a healthy heart. I speak about these factors (diet, exercise and stress management) in great detail in my “Cholesterol Fix Formula”.

Remember, NO pill can replace a healthy life-style!

Now the PRIMARY REASON fruits and vegetables are so important is because they give your body the specific nutrients it needs, to help heal itself from within. In this case, improving heart health.

This is exactly what I speak about in my in my video and why CholesLo is SO POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE

It’s designed to give you the specific nutrients your body needs… especially as you get older, to help improve cholesterol and lipids. Similar to how fruits and vegetables help. But in a convenient, all-natural organic pill.