Cholesterol Deposits On Eyelids & Around Eyes- Xanthelasma

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Today’s question is from Beth and she asks:

“I’ve got these yellowish patches around my eyelids. My doctor said it’s something called Xanthelasma. I looked online and it’s basically “cholesterol deposits”, correct?… What’s the cause and how can I fix it because they look really ugly!!!”

Hey Beth … yes, the correct medical term is called “Xanthelasma” and it’s basically cholesterol under your skin.


And I’m familiar with this topic because my aunt’s husband used to get them and in a minute I’ll share with you how he permanently fixed it.

The good news is that Xanthelasma isn’t physically harmful, but yeah… they don’t look “good” either.

However, it’s typically a sign that you’re at a higher risk for heart disease.

Why & Who Gets Xanthelasma

And this is because people who get these “cholesterol deposits”, typically have high levels of cholesterol and an imbalance in their lipid levels.

These bad cholesterol cause blockage in some oil glands underneath the skin and results in hard little “pimples” (Xanthelasma), which cannot be squeezed.

Additionally, elevated liver enzymes or liver disease, cause an increase in cholesterol leading to Xanthelasma.

How To Fix & Treat It

Unfortunately, these cholesterol deposits usually won’t go away on their own and typically will GROW over time. One way to fix it is to go to your doctor and have them removed with topical medicine, laser or surgery.


Unfortunately, they can cause side effects such as scars and skin color changes.

However, this doesn’t prevent FUTURE growth or regrowth, especially due to your genetics and high cholesterol levels.

I mention this because as stated earlier, my aunt’s husband used to have Xanthelasma, and even though we improved his diet, it didn’t fix this problem initially.

And taking cholesterol-lowering drugs actually made things even worse due to the liver stress and toxicity.

What Did Work

So, here’s how we finally got rid of the Xanthelasma. Before doing anything medical, I wanted to FIRST see if we can decrease the size of these cholesterol deposits.

This way, there will be less potential for scarring.

  • I made sure his diet was healthier. I removed all alcohol because of the liver stress and reduced any processed foods and sugars.
  • He was already walking 2-3x weekly, but I had him increase it to daily walks
  • I increased his water intake, which basically meant going from only 1-2 glasses to 4-6 cups daily.
  • I had him take high dosages of specific herbs and vitamins to support healthy cholesterol levels and bad lipids. While also cleansing and detoxing his liver.

After 6 months, the size of these deposits was about ½ the size, which was great. But, they never got smaller.

He then went to his dermatologist and used the laser to remove what was left. Since they were smaller, there was no scarring.

And because of his cleaner diet and continued use of supplements, his cholesterol remained in a healthy range. Another important benefit is that his liver is healthier as well.

And the best part is that these cholesterol deposits have NEVER come back and it’s been over 6 years.

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