[ 2024 ] Do Cholesterol “Statin” Drugs Cause Testosterone & Erectile Problems?

"YES - I Want Healthy Cholesterol Levels"

Today’s question is:

“Do the statin drugs, like Lipitor, lower testosterone levels, decrease libido and cause erectile problems?”

Yes, it lowers testosterone, both clinically and empirically. For many guys, it surely negatively affects erections.

  • First, studies do show statins can lower testosterone levels, 2x more with statin users
  • Studies show a twofold increased prevalence of hypogonadism
  • Cholesterol is needed by all cells in your body and it’s needed to produce your sex hormones such as testosterone

However, some studies show that by improving cholesterol levels and thus, blood flow, then ED can improve. But, it’s NOT because of the statin drugs – it’s because of improved blood flow.

A much better way is to optimize your cholesterol levels naturally, with a healthier lifestyle and diet – and natural supplements, which are safe, have no side effects, and are proven to work.

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