If you want to lower your cholesterol, DON’T do this!…

Having healthy cholesterol levels is important for avoiding heart disease, a heart attack or stroke. Unfortunately, most people try to lower their cholesterol levels doing the WRONG things This is why they don’t get the desired results...

Having healthy cholesterol levels is important for avoiding heart disease, a heart attack or stroke.

Unfortunately, most people try to lower their cholesterol levels doing the WRONG things.

This is why they don’t get the desired results or aren’t able to maintain them long-term.

Most people are either taking harmful prescription drugs or they change their diet by eliminating the WRONG foods from the diet, such as healthy fats and cholesterol.

Cholesterol Is Good, Not Bad For You

The problem here is that cholesterol has many HEALTH benefits. It’s your friend, NOT your “enemy”.

Cholesterol is needed to make your “youthful steroid” hormones – such as testosterone, estrogen, anti-inflammatory cortisone and a dozen more.

This is why aging and the change in your hormones causes an increase in cholesterol. In fact, there’s more information about this important topic under this article…

Additionally, cholesterol is also needed to help absorb your fat-soluble vitamins – D, E, K, A, etc.

Simply stated – cholesterol is a vital component of every cell membrane on Earth. In other words, there is no life on Earth that can live without cholesterol!

Low Cholesterol = Early Death!

In fact, having “low” cholesterol increases your risk of dying early. Low cholesterol causes depression, inflammation, low libido, wrinkles and other age related problems.

The other thing most people don’t know is that over 80% of your cholesterol, is made inside your body by your liver… And NOT from the foods you eat.

Your Cholesterol Do’s & Don’ts

So the point of today’s message is that you DON’T want to eliminate cholesterol and healthy fats because otherwise, your body will be FORCED to produce it internally.

Remember, your body needs cholesterol to survive. So with that in mind, here’s what you want to do:

Eat Some Cholesterol (YES!)

The best are from free-range eggs. AVOID all the “omega-3” eggs because they’re fed poor quality foods.

Have the entire egg, including the yolks. It’s best to eat them raw. But if you don’t want to do that, lightly cooked with the yolk still runny is ideal.

About 1-2 eggs daily is a good amount for most people. I actually have 4-6 daily.

Have Healthy Fats

  • Raw nuts, not roasted. Almonds and walnuts are best
  • Organic avocados
  • Extra virgin, organic coconut oil
  • Macadamia nut oil (better than olive oil)
  • Seeds – flax, chia, etc.

Stay away from the supermarket oils, vegetable oils, margarine, etc. because they’re highly processed and oxidized.

There’s one additional benefit from having healthy fats, including the fats from egg yolks — you’ll have lower blood sugar levels.

High blood sugar increases cholesterol levels and also increases body fat, especially the ugly belly fat.

So enjoy your healthy fats and egg yolks. It’s good for you and your cholesterol levels.

A Faster & Easer Solution For Healthier Cholesterol Levels

There are a few ways for promoting healthier cholesterol levels within a normal, youthful range - diet and exercise being two important factors.

Unfortunately, they take time and most people are either NOT patient or need faster results, with less effort...

This is the exact problem I ran into with my own parents.

Because of this, I needed to find a simple, easy and fast solution for promoting healthier lipid levels in less than 30 days, without the use of harmful prescription drugs, worthless supplements or following a restrictive diet.

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