The 4 Primary CAUSES Of High Cholesterol

Today I’m going to discuss the 4 main causes of high cholesterol and also reveal 3 myths that are causing your body to produce even more cholesterol.


Back in 1999 I had to deal with BOTH my parents having “high cholesterol”. We tried different diets, exercise programs, 2 different statin cholesterol drugs, and natural herbal alternatives.

In the process of “experimenting” on my parents (sorry mom and dad! =), I discovered the primary causes of high cholesterol a lot of myths… which then lead to my finding proven, all-natural solutions (which I’ll get into deeper details in a future article).

This is a very important topic, so please make sure you read today’s article because for many people, having high cholesterol may NOT be your fault!

Primary Causes Of High Cholesterol

#1 – Your Diet “Sucks”!


So obviously you can’t be eating junk and expect to be healthy, let alone have healthy cholesterol levels. Without complicating things, I like to tell people to eat as naturally as possible. This means you need to avoid and eliminate anything that is “man-made”, comes “in a box” or is “pre-packaged”.

Pretend you were living 100 years ago, what would you eat? Or, what would you have access to if you lived on an island? Eat these types of foods, does this make sense?…

Of course, there are 3 important myths I want to quickly discuss that are actually causing higher cholesterol levels, decreasing your overall health, and accelerating the aging process.

MYTH – Don’t Eat Foods With Cholesterol

This is so lame. Your body NEEDS cholesterol to make all the different “youth” hormones. IF you don’t eat it, your body will produce cholesterol internally, and thus, you end up having HIGHER cholesterol.

In fact, 80% of your cholesterol is produced internally, by your liver!

It might sound crazy, but I eat about half a dozen WHOLE eggs every day and I have normal cholesterol. Go ahead and have some free-range, pasteurized organic eggs and some grass-fed, free-range Bison.

They’re GOOD for you and your cholesterol levels.

MYTH – Eat Whole Grains

Research is demonstrating the link between inflammation and heart disease. Grains and sugars contribute to inflammation and increase the risk of heart disease.

Consuming them, especially in excess, has also been linked to other problems like metabolic syndrome, blood sugar problems, obesity, and others.

Reduce “white” carbohydrates, and grains and eat more vegetables, legumes, some sweet potatoes, and fruit.

MYTH – Eat Vegetable Oils & Stay Away From Saturated Fats

Ugg… another idiotic statement made by most “experts”.

Most of these vegetables, and “supermarket” oils are rancid and have been overly treated to increase their shelf life. Do NOT eat canola, soybean, corn, etc., oils.

These oils mess up the balance of protective Omega-3 fatty acids and potentially dangerous Omega-6 fatty acids in the body. They also contribute to inflammation and arterial damage. There is no reason that you need to consume these oils at any point… ever!

And don’t ever, never eat margarine. That’s the fakes of all fats. Grass-fed butter is much better for you. Even though I don’t recommend dairy (see below).

Instead have some almonds, walnuts, coconut oil (YES, it’s very good for you), avocados, some fish oils (like Salmon), and organic flaxseeds (keep them refrigerated).

One of the BEST oils you should ever cook with and heat is coconut – NONE of the other oils should ever be heated!

Other Diet Changes To Consider

You MUST reduce animal protein. NO DAIRY at all, it’s just toxic.

Remember, milk is for babies and COW milk is for BABY COWS – got it?!!

No red meat, other than grass-fed Bison. No bottom-feeder seafood (like crab, shrimp, lobster, etc.). Have your salmon, it’s very good for you.

And get your protein more from vegetable sources or vegetable protein powders.

#2 – You’re Lazy!


Don’t get upset, but you need to MOVE MORE! … Walk daily for at least 20-30 minutes. Anyone can do this and it’s FREE.

Lift weights, which is more important than cardiovascular work in my opinion – WHEN done correctly. Start low and build up over time. I don’t care if you’re “handicapped”, we can all move more – right?!!…

You can walk 3x weekly for about 20-30 minutes. And on other days lift weights, even if it’s your own body weight. But all you need to do to get started is MOVE more often!

#3 – STOP Listening To Your Doctor!


This is one everyone is going to get upset with, but this is an unfortunate “fact” that almost killed both my parents and actually caused my dad to have a stroke!

You need to take control of your OWN health.

Doctors just love to quickly prescribe drugs, rarely give the details about natural alternative lifestyle changes (diet, exercise, stress management, etc.), and are quick to say how supplements (herbs, vitamins, minerals) don’t work.

Unfortunately, there are no classes in medical school about herbs, vitamins, supplements, etc. It’s just about drugs and surgery.


For about 20 years natural herbs and vitamins have helped thousands of people around to world get off their toxic, harmful drugs… And help create healthy cholesterol levels WITHOUT the negative “drug” side effects.

You just need to know WHICH are the best, most effective, safest herbs and vitamins to take.

#4 – It’s NOT Your Fault


Okay… so all the above aside, the biggest factor in the “negative” change in your cholesterol is genetics and the change in your hormones due to AGING. This is what happened to my parents as I stated in my video.

This is why young people eat junk and still have healthy cholesterol, they just have better hormones.

NOTE: This doesn’t mean you don’t fix your lifestyle, it just means you need extra assistance… This is why my parents take natural herbs and vitamins.

Summary & Conclusion

  1. Eat Better – fewer grains and sugar, healthier fats, fewer animal products, and more vegetables. Try to eliminate “man-made”, processed foods.
  2. Exercise Daily – walking is a great start, lifting weights (bands, machines, bodyweight, etc.)
  3. No Drugs – this is your last resort, not your first (which is what doctors tell you to do).
  4. Take Supplements – aging, “mature” body requires specific nutrients, which is what I discuss in my video about my parents.

There you have it. Now it’s up to you to take action! Click the button below and continue..

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