What High Cholesterol Does to Your Body

What’s important with the below info-graphic that I want to point out, is that a lot of the cholesterol problems first start in your LIVER, not with the foods you eat.

This is why I put 3 liver cleansers in CholesLo… to help detox and strengthen your liver, so the cholesterol can be REMOVED from your blood and not get “stuck” in the arteries….


Having “high cholesterol” is not the only cause of a heart attack or stroke, but just ONE of the factors. But what IS the primary cause?…

Life-style… food, exercise and stress management are all major factors.

However, what I discovered with my own parents is that the primary cause of high cholesterol is the change in your hormones due to aging

This is exactly why I invented CholesLo – to help “fix” the “aging” problem by giving your body the specific nutrients it needs to help heal your body from within, NATURALLY… so you don’t need to take any drugs or have to drastically change your diet.

This is why CholesLo is doctor recommended, scientifically proven and has a 15+ track record for safety and effectiveness.

So instead of taking prescription statin drugs to lower your cholesterol, try natural remedies FIRST…