Using Dhea for Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue is a condition in which the body cannot seem to get going. Usually, adrenal fatigue occurs after a person has undergone a prolonged period of either physical or emotional stress or has suffered from a long illness. People who suffer from adrenal fatigue feel tired all the time, but often cannot go to sleep easily. Unfortunately, many people aggravate the problem by consuming too many stimulants like sugar and caffeine which only prolongs the state of adrenal fatigue.

There is no cure for adrenal fatigue apart from letting the body recover on its own. The recovery process can be sped up by using a number of different methods including Dhea to help the body return to its normal state.

What is Dhea?

Dhea is a precursor hormone and steroid that is produced by the body the adrenal gland. It is available as an over the counter supplements as well because for those suffering from adrenal fatigue, less Dhea is produced in the body. Many have claimed that Dhea is a “cure-all” for many different health issues from depression to weight loss. Even top level athletes have been accused of “doping” by adding more Dhea to their systems than allowed.

Men produce more Dhea in their systems than women which may be in part why adrenal fatigue seems to affect more women than men. The natural production of Dhea in the body peaks in the 20s and gradually tapers off as we reach our 70s when it is a mere 20% of what existed in our youth. The decline of Dhea in the body is a natural, healthy process, but it does leave a person more vulnerable to developing adrenal fatigue.

While the hype around Dhea seems overrated when it comes to the breadth of the assistance it provides, there is no doubt that it works quite well as a means of overcoming adrenal fatigue when taken in the proper amounts. However, it takes more than just popping a pill of Dhea and getting on with your day. For many women who suffer from adrenal fatigue, it will take a broader approach in order to get back on their feet in a meaningful way.

How Dhea Can Work for You

For those suffering from adrenal fatigue, a combination of Dhea and other holistic treatments can help bring your body back to normal in a quicker fashion. This means following a healthy diet, including a good intake of protein on a daily basis, getting plenty of rest and gradually eliminating stimulants such as sugar and caffeine which only aggravate the conditions of adrenal fatigue.

Dhea needs to be regulated with the help of your physician so that the right amount is taken on a daily basis. The boost to your body that Dhea brings means that you can regain your energy quickly while the body begins to recover naturally. Over time, the amount of Dhea that needs to be taken can be dropped as the adrenal glands once again take over production.

All in all, taking supplements of Dhea is an excellent means of overcoming adrenal fatigue as long as it is under a doctor’s supervision and is augmented by natural, holistic practices. For many women in particular, Dhea represents a real breakthrough in the fight against adrenal fatigue.

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