#1 Vitamin For Boosting Energy Levels, Naturally

Have More ENERGY & Better MEMORY

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It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, it seems most people these days are tired. Whether it’s physically tired or maybe just mentally or emotionally burned out, which makes you feel tired.

Vitamin For Energy?

The truth is that vitamins don’t really give you energy. However, they DO help transform and convert the foods you eat, INTO energy that your cells and muscles can use.

The B vitamins are probably the most important ones when it comes to optimizing your energy levels.

Especially B12.

And many people are deficient in the B vitamins, especially B12, especially:

  • Older adults
  • Vegans
  • People with Gastrointestinal (GI) problems

They’re either deficient in the B vitamins or even more so, can’t properly absorb them.

This is why when you take a B12 vitamin, you must make sure it’s the METHYL version (as Methylcobalamin). This ensures that your body properly absorbs and converts the vitamin for proper use.

What Do I Take For Energy?

After years of trying different things, I’ve kept it very simple these days to only TWO solutions.

I first take a B-complex supplement every morning with a meal. I switch between two brands every other month:

Jarrow’s “B-Right”


Life Extension’s “Complete B-Complex”

Both companies are fine and have good ratios, dosages, and proper formulations.

All-In-One Solution

However, to guarantee extra energy all day long – both physically and mentally, I also use
Body-Brain Energy – which does actually increase energy levels DIRECTLY.

First, Body-Brain Energy already has the correct B12 form and dose.

However, it also has almost 20 different nootropic and herbal extracts that all work together to optimize the different energy pathways in your body.

Such as Dopamine, ATP, Acetylcholine, Adrenal support, ATP, and Mitochondria …

And the best is that it contains no caffeine. You don’t get highs and lows. No jitters. No crashes.

It’s actually GOOD for your body and brain.

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