🧠 Are Carbs Toxic and Killing Your Brain? (2024)

Have More ENERGY & Better MEMORY

For the past few years, people are back on another “fad” diet which is the Ketogenic diet, a very high-fat, almost no carbohydrate diet.

Now, there are various doctors and “experts” stating that we all need to stop eating carbs because they are toxic to the brain, they can cause inflammation, which can lead to neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, depression, and others.

They are all stating how we, as humans, are NOT meant to eat carbs and we are designed to eat a high fat, higher protein diet.


Incorrect Research

And you know what, there’s some truth to what these people are saying, so that’s the good news. However, there are also a lot of incorrect assumptions as well because of poor research.

Basically, the research is taken out of context.

For example, the author will say how in a study people who ate a high-fat diet look, feel, and function better. However, the author leaves out the part about how the people in the study ALSO STOPPED eating junk and processed foods and made other lifestyle improvements.

So today, I’m going to simplify this whole subject for you because there was a time that I was also a bit confused.

If you want to live longer, have better mental health, increase your energy levels, and help avoid many diseases – then continue reading…

I Hate Extremes!

First of all, I just hate extremes of any kind.

They never work long-term and are always full of problems and imbalances.

I don’t like people saying you have to eat a very high-fat diet/no-carb diet (Ketogenic) … Or those on the other opposite side saying you need high carbs, no fats… Or those saying you have to have a high protein diet.

Some of the healthiest people on this planet eat very high-carb diets and this includes Asians, who historically live the longest and have had the least health problems.

Only a small group of people, such as the Eskimos, do well on very high-fat, ketogenic diets.

For sure your brain needs fat, but it also likes carbs. However, your body and muscles for sure prefer carbs and glucose.

There are no athletes winning events or sustaining any long-term exercise plans on no-carb diets.

What Your Body NEEDS

Your body AND brain require fats AND carbs AND proteins.

What matters is the TYPE of foods you eat.

For example, I have a very well-known friend of mine, who is also one of these “fitness experts”.

He’s been on a high-fat, ketogenic diet for the past year and has lost weight, looks much better, and is now coming out with a book about this topic.

However, I go over to his home and he’s eating fried bacon, chicken, and other fried meats.

All he cares about is “no carbs”.

But how in the world is eating fried foods healthy for you?… IT’S NOT!

Our ancestors never ate like this, so why is it okay now?

Also, this “famous” friend of mine who is coming out with this book, … ALSO started exercising again, optimized his hormones with supplements, and also stopped drinking alcohol.

But, he’s leaving all of that OUT of the book he’s writing.

Use Common Sense Please

I know common sense doesn’t seem to be too common these days, but please just stop for a moment and ask yourself if “this makes sense”?

Most people, including the experts, “follow the FOLLOWER”… instead of “follow the LEADER”!

Since today’s topic is about “brain health” improving your memory and preventing neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, depression, and others… let me tell you what you should consider doing:


Eat healthy fats. Eat coconut oil, macadamia and extra virgin olive oil, flaxseed oil (without lignans), avocados, walnuts, raw seeds, and similar, natural fats.

Fats Olive OilDon’t heat fats. It changes the structure.

Don’t heat junky, fake, toxic, cheap fats that are high in inflammatory Omega 6 fats, such as sunflower, corn, soybean and cottonseed oils. NO margarine ever.


Go ahead and eat carbs, but eat healthy and natural carbs such as vegetables, small amounts fruits, white rice, yams, legumes (cooked in a pressure cooker), quinoa, millet and some oats.

Carbs Quinoa

Stay away from syrups, man-made carbs that come in a box (chips, pretzels, crackers, bread, etc.), and any liquid carbs (NO fruit juice, drinks, sodas, etc.)

Juicing is great!

The lower your body fat and the more you exercise, the more carbs you get to eat.


You also need some protein, but most people eat way too much.

Eat healthy proteins such as pasture-raised whole eggs, bison, beef, and small amounts of chicken. For fish, low mercury is best – such as wild-caught Salmon.

Protein SalmonYou can also go all vegetarian protein if you’d like, that’s great as well. These days there are lots of good, vegetarian protein powders. Try a few and see which you like. Just make sure there are no added sugars, syrups, fake sugars, etc.


Exercise Weights

Please don’t forget to exercise. Lifting weights is great. But simply walking daily is fantastic. I suggest taking a short, 10 min walk after each meal. It helps with digestion, improves insulin sensitivity and lowers stress hormones.


Most of us are deficient in nutrients, no matter how great we eat.

The way foods are produced these days, the depleted soil and so forth – you must take additional supplements, vitamins, herbs, and amino acids that are proven to improve brain health.


There are lots of good ones, but if you’re interested in the most effective, I’ve put a link below to a list of the best nutritional supplements for improving your brain health and increasing energy levels.


And lastly, yet most importantly – you need to manage your stress levels and your THOUGHTS. This is a big topic and it’s hard for most people to grasp.

Stress Management Status

But I know for a fact that those people who are negative, complaining, critical, unhappy, envious, jealous, and constantly have negative thoughts and emotions, are always the ones who get sick, and have cancers and other diseases.

Try your best to be happy – it takes work, just as it takes effort to be negative.

Smile more. Give compliments. Be hopeful. Be grateful and have an “attitude of gratitude”.

Things may not be going the way you want at this moment, but trust me – things can be a lot worse as well.

Either way, whatever problems you’re dealing with will eventually work out.

Your thoughts, feelings, and emotions will either create HEALING or DESTRUCTIVE hormones!

It’s up to you. YOU control your thoughts and actions.

Don’t blame others!

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