Dr. Oz’s #1 Energy Boosting Secret + My 3 Personal Favorites

This article is about increasing your energy levels. Unfortunately, when people have low energy … whether it’s in the morning or later in the afternoon, they go for something that gives them a quick boost of energy – which is typically something with sugar or caffeine… or BOTH!

The good news is that this works… temporarily!

The bad news is that this ends up crashing you later and you’ll end up even more tired because the sugar and/or caffeine causes an imbalance in your hormones.

And as you may know from any of my previous articles…

Hormones Control Everything

Now, do this every day (sugar and/or caffeine), maybe 2-3x daily … Week after week … And now you’ll have major hormonal issues causing

You might be thinking “no way, all of these problems?!!” … Yes, when this is done even 3-4x weekly, it becomes chronic and your body NEEDS the sugar and/or caffeine rush just to feel “normal”.

Remember, both sugar and caffeine act as DRUGS in your body – not good!

Some Great Solutions

In the below video Dr. Oz mentions how you should start your day with a good breakfast that’s high in both protein and fiber, to prevent an energy crash later in the day. This is a good start.

I like to also add in some healthy fats as well. Some options would be:

  • egg omelet with vegetables like spinach and/or beans and/or fruit
  • sweet potatoes with some coconut oil
  • some cottage cheese or Greek yogurt, mixed with almonds or walnuts

My professional athlete clients will have grass-fed bison or wild salmon in the morning, with coconut oil and/or beans and/or vegetables.

You want a slow-burning breakfast, to give you sustained energy throughout the day. Just remember to have some protein, fiber, and fat… and NOT the typical “high carb” breakfast.

My Three Favorites For Long-Term Energy & Longevity

There are three things that I make sure all my private clients do when wanting to maximize their energy levels – both physically and mentally:

FIRST – The most important is to make sure you drink lots of water! Dehydration is a major cause of fatigue.

Drink at least half your body weight in ounces. So if you weigh 150 lbs, drink a minimum of 75 oz. daily. Try to add in a little bit of lemon juice to help alkalize your body and curb your appetite.

SECOND – Breathe deeply. When tired, your body is low in oxygen. This is in fact, why you yawn when you’re tired – your body is trying to take in more oxygen.

So start the day by taking some deep breaths, holding and exhaling slowly. Do this 10x in a row, 3x daily.f

THIRD – Utilize More Natural Energy, 2x daily. This was designed to increase oxygen to your cells, improve mitochondria function create REAL long-term energy, and improves memory and cognition.

You can watch the short video about how to have real, all-day energy without any negative crashes or hormonal imbalances.


  1. Stay away from sugars and caffeine, they deplete your energy levels in the long run.
  2. Start the day with a slow-burning breakfast consisting of protein, fiber and some fat.
  3. Drink lots of water and stay hydrated.
  4. Breathe deeply, 3x daily.
  5. Utilize More Natural Energy, 2x daily – morning and early afternoon.
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