9 Natural Alternatives to Caffeine and Ephedrine

Fatigue happens to everyone at some point in the day. Even with a good night’s sleep, the afternoon often brings a wall that people smack into with consistency. Rather than making another cup of coffee or taking a stimulant like ephedrine to get through the rest of the day, could there be some natural alternatives that can provide the same effect?

The issue with stimulants like caffeine and ephedrine is that they act as a diuretic on the body and also drain your adrenal glands. That means you’ll feel more awake and you’ll climb over that wall, but you’ll dehydrate yourself during the process. Once the effects of the caffeine or ephedrine wear off, you’ll actually feel even more fatigued because your body is craving fluids!

The Effects of Caffeine

Many people are challenged by reaching a balance between consuming too many stimulants and an inability to perform. If you consume too much, you increase your blood pressure, create conditions for insomnia, and can become incredibly irritable. This also happens when you end up relying on these stimulants to get going every day.

Thankfully, there are some very effective natural alternatives to caffeine and ephedrine that will help you get going without the potential risk you assume by taking the stimulants.

9 Alternatives to Caffeine

1. Apples.
One of the best fruits available for a good morning pick-me-up is the apple. It has high levels of fructose that will give your body a natural energy boost through the transference of fuel into your cells. It isn’t going to provide the exact same results that caffeine or ephedrine can provide, but you also won’t be putting drugs into your system or be draining your endocrine system to get a good level of alertness to start your day.

2. Cafix.
Made from a variety of different herbs, what Cafix does is mimic the taste and psychological effect of coffee so that it seems like you’re getting the caffeine you want when you really aren’t getting any at all. Most people don’t realize that decaffinated coffee still actually contains a small amount of naturally occurring caffeine. Cafix is a better all-natural alternative that won’t help you with any withdrawal symptoms you might face, but can help you get off of the stimulants once and for all.

3. Eucalyptus.
One of the unique features of the eucalyptus is that it can immediately open up an inflamed or stuffed up airway. It’s one of the key ingredients in many rubs and creates an instant alertness that can be felt from the very first inhalation. That’s right; you don’t have to consume anything to feel more energetic with this natural caffeine alternative.

4. Gingko Biloba.
This nut is used as an herbal extract in a wide variety of ways. It helps people feel more alert because it increases the circulation of blood throughout the body, making the blood vessels literally feel like you’ve been exercising for 30 minutes. This constriction helps to wake your body up naturally because it needs to work harder to perform basic functions. The initial effects of the natural caffeine alternative are temporary, but the results of feeling more alert and awake can often last throughout the day.

5. Ginseng.
It’s used for virtually everything else, so why not use Ginseng as a way to wake up? It makes many people feel more awake and alert, which means it, is included in many of today’s energy drinks for an added boost. You can also find this root in powdered form to include in your other drinks or food if you want, but it can cause some side effects that are just as difficult as what caffeine and ephedrine can cause.

6. Guayusa.
This supplement is made from the leaves of a holly tree that is found only in the Amazon rainforest. The first step in the process of creating Guayusa is that the leaves must be fully dried so that they can develop into a good flavor. It simulates the act of a stimulant on the body when taken, but without the sometimes harsh side effects that ephedrine or caffeine can bring. Its most commonly brewed as a tea, but once the leaves are dried, they can also be crushed up and put into capsules, put in with food, or used in a variety of other ways.

7. Tea.
An entire book could be written about the various proven and purported effects that tea has on the human body. Some forms of tea to have high levels of caffeine, so be aware of what kind of tea you select. It helps to energize the body for a variety of reasons, many dependent on the type and composition of the tea you happen to be consuming. Almost all of them, however, have one thing in common: the water used to brew them helps your body feel more awake.

8. Vitamin B12.
More people are deficient in this critical vitamin than you’d think. When you don’t have enough B12, you can begin experiencing physical symptoms that mimic Multiple Sclerosis or even ALS. It’s so common to not have enough of this vitamin that testing for it is one of the first steps in the diagnosis process. It helps to enhance mental clarity, but it also helps to produce melatonin too. That means when you get enough of this vitamin, you’ll end up feeling more awake and still be able to fall asleep quickly at night.

9. Yerba Mate.
To be fair, Yerba mate contains some caffeine, so it’s not a true natural alternative. What sets it apart, however, is the fact that is also contains two other xanthines that help to provide a higher level of alertness without the severe dehydration effects that ephedrine or caffeine can have on their own. It’s made by steeping the leaves of the holly plant into hot water and then letting them soak, much like a tea. It only grows in South America, but you can find this drink pretty much anywhere today in places that specialize in imported products.

These alternatives to caffeine and ephedrine can help you be able to be alert and focused without paying a dehydration penalty or draining your adrenals.

Whether you’re just trying to cut back on the amount of caffeine that you drink or you want to seek out healthier, natural alternatives, these supplements and foods will help you achieve your goals quickly and efficiently.

Interesting Facts About Caffeine

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