😫Top 10 Reasons Why You’re Tired & Fatigued In 2024

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It’s 2024 and more than ever, people are complaining about being tired & fatigued

I remember when I got my puppy, she was just jumping around all day long. Like a little firecracker or popcorn. So much energy.

But as she’s aged, she’s calmed down a lot more. And I know in a few years, she’s just going to be sleeping all day long.

And I bring this up because I’ll be honest with you, the older I get, the more tired and unmotivated I seem to get. At least, I’m not as energized as I was in my 20’s

And this seems to be one of the biggest complaints I hear from most of my clients and subscribers. Men and women, and even younger people.

So, if you’re feeling tired, you’re not alone and today I’m going to list the top 10 causes of fatigue – both physical and mental.

Of course, I’ll list solutions for each one as well.

Now, to get started, I want to remind you that you need 3 things to live.

  1. Oxygen or you’ll die in minutes.
  2. Water or you’ll day in days.
  3. Food and nutrients, or you’ll die in weeks.

Let’s start with Oxygen.

Lack Of Oxygen Due To Poor Breathing

Most people are shallow breathers. They don’t take in enough oxygen and thus, it causes fatigue.

This is one reason why exercise is so important for improving your energy levels, you are breathing heavily, taking in more oxygen and thus, more energy to your brain, muscles and body.

So, learn to breathe deeply. Try to take deep breaths a few times every hour, especially when you’re under extra stress.

deep breathing

In fact, one of the reasons you yawn is that your body is trying to take in more oxygen.

If you start taking in deep breaths and fast exhales, you’ll get energized.

I’ll do another video specially for this in the future. So make sure you’re following my blog regularly.

Lack Of Hydration

Now we move on to water and the lack of hydration. Most people are dehydrated.

Most people do not drink enough water.

Most people drink liquids that actually cause dehydration, such as caffeinated drinks and juices.

Nothing is going to replace what water does.

So, start drinking more water, especially first thing in the morning.

I’ve made a video specifically about this topic.

Lack Of Nutrients

Your diet significantly affects the way you feel and most people don’t eat a properly balanced healthy diet.

Your body gets and maintains energy for the nutrients found in proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

Unfortunately, most people don’t eat enough proteins. They eat too many simple and processed carbohydrates. And they lack essential fats.

So, even if you eat a lot of food, but are not eating enough nutrient-dense foods and balanced proteins, carbs and fats – you’re body will feel deprived.

You’ll be hungry, even though you’re eating a lot of calories. You’ll be tired, both physically and even more so, mentally.

lack of nutrients

Your body is hungry for nutrients, not more calories.

Something interesting to know is that your brain is small compared to your body and yet, it consumes 25% of your energy.

A lack of nutrients also means a lack of vitamins and minerals.

Many people are deficient in Vitamin D and K. I would also add in a good B-complex vitamin and about 500-1500 mg of Vitamin C. I’d also add in at least 400-800 mg of magnesium glycinate at night.

These vitamins and minerals are especially important as we get older, when we’re under extra stress, exercising, and not getting enough sleep.


Stress is a normal part of life. However, chronic stress is linked to fatigue. And unfortunately, most of us have extra stress these days, even though we live lives of convenience and technology doing things for us.


The problem with stress is all the negative hormonal changes it’ll cause…

For example, an increase in cortisol levels. This causes a decrease in sex hormones – such as testosterone and estrogen.

Your adrenal glands get negatively affected as well. This will reduce other hormones such as DHEA, pregnenolone, and others.

Stress causes an increase in blood sugar and blood pressure.

Stress causes poor sleep, which then leads to dozens of other problems, fatigue being one of the major ones.

Stress also causes inflammation, which further causes more fatigue and I’ll talk about this in a minute.

Of course, stress also causes an emotional drain.

I’ve made videos about the best ways to reduce stress.

Hormonal & Neurotransmitter Imbalances

As I just mentioned, stress causes negative hormonal changes, which cause you to age.

Stress dramatically reduces all of your “youth” hormones, while increasing your “aging” hormones.

Additionally, stress decreases neurotransmitters as well and causes imbalances in dopamine and serotonin.

But it’s not just stress, but also just aging and unhealthy lifestyle cause hormonal imbalances.

Never forget that hormones are very powerful. They control how you look and feel.

As I mentioned earlier, taking Vitamin D is so important and that’s because Vitamin D is not really a vitamin, but technically a hormone.

Consuming Too Many Stimulants (Caffeine, etc.)

What do most people do when they are tired? Yup… they take stimulants.

The most common one is anything with caffeine, such as coffee or these days, energy drinks and pills.

Caffeine does give you a boost of energy. However, regular and daily use of caffeine causes your adrenal and adrenergic receptors to not work as well and thus, leads to more fatigue over time.

caffeine fatigue

In fact, this is one reason why you have to keep increasing your caffeine intake and dose to continue to get energized.

Not to mention, caffeine causes sleep problems. In both duration and quality of sleep.

So, even if you say you can take caffeine and sleep at night, sleep quality suffers. You do not get into deep REM sleep.

There are other ways to increase your energy levels without the use of caffeine or stimulants, which won’t affect your sleep. And at the same time, will improve your focus and are actually good for your brain.

I use a product called Body-Brain Energy. It’s a nootropic that also contains specific herbs and vitamins.

Being Out Of Shape and/or Overweight

Something interesting happens on the days I don’t work out – I’m a bit tired. And if I don’t work out for 2-3 days, I’m just dragging all the time. I feel older and slower. Mentally I’m not as sharp either.

I mention this because being out of shape, not exercising, and especially being overweight, is definitely a risk of chronic fatigue and it’s been clinically proven.


Plus, being out of shape or overweight also causes hormonal imbalances, high blood pressure, blood sugar, inflammation and on and on.

ALL are major risk factors for illnesses and fatigue.

The more out of shape you are, the less you want to move. The less you move, the more out of shape you become.

It’s a very negative circle of events.


I discovered a few years ago how bad inflammation is for the body. At first, I knew it was bad for pain – such as joint and muscle pain.

Then, I discovered how inflammation is bad for the brain… Then the organs… Then the negative impact on hormones and neurotransmitters.

Little by little, I discovered that chronic inflammation is bad for every aspect of your health. From head to toe, inside and out.

inflammation joints

And all of this inflammation causes fatigue.

In fact, the older we get, the higher the inflammation. Maybe you’ve heard of the term, inflammaging”

And get what else happens as we get older, we get more tired.

So you need to reduce your inflammation and I’ve have special links on how to do this, naturally.

Poor Blood Circulation

Do you know what else inflammation causes?… poor blood flow and circulation.

In fact, most of the fatigue-causing problems I’ve mentioned today, all contribute to poor blood flow circulation.

blood flow

Remember, your blood contains all the youth hormones, nutrients, and oxygen to all of your cells, organs, muscles, and brain.

So you need to improve your circulation. I’ve also made many videos about this topic.

Lack Of Sleep

Finally, we come to the last one and probably the most important – I think the lack of sleep is the #1 cause of fatigue.

Most of us, including myself, don’t get enough sleep. Or at the very least, proper, deep, restful, and restorative sleep.

Most people, when they get tired in the evening… instead of going to sleep, fight through it.

They keep watching TV, or on some electronic device or working or whatever else to keep themselves busy.

And next thing you know, they get that “second wind” and they wake back up instead of going to sleep.

Well, this “second wind” is bad – it’s actually an increase in stress hormones such as cortisol and a drop in the sleep hormone, melatonin.

This is the exact opposite of what you want.

lack of sleep

So, eventually, people go to bed late and get up too early with an alarm clock. Rarely do people just wake up naturally.

You end up losing an hour or two or more of sleep here and there. Next thing you know, at the end of the week, you’ve probably lost 8 hours of sleep. That’s like not sleeping one night.

Remember, when you sleep, your body basically fixes everything from the day. For both your brain and body.

Sleep improves all of your hormones. It allows your brain to digest all of the day’s information and store it properly.

Well, I can go on and on with all the benefits and the importance of sleep.

Just know that you can eat poorly, not exercise, take drugs, and be stressed out for years and you’ll still be okay.

But just 1 or 2 nights of sleep deprivation causes massive destruction and aging in your body.

Poor sleep kills your youth hormones and increases your aging hormones.

Remember earlier I said how bad stress is for you. Well, one of the best ways to reduce stress is to get proper sleep.

And the lack of sleep just adds to more stress.

Make sleep a priority and this starts with proper sleep hygiene.

I’ve made many videos about this topic and the best resources for improving your sleep.


… When you’re tired, you don’t get the most out of life or your relationships.

When you’re energized, you’re happier, you treat people better, you’ll work harder, you’ll make more money, you’ll make better decisions and well, the list of benefits goes on and on.

Please make improvements to what I’ve mentioned today and take a look at all the resources I’ve mentioned in today’s video.

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