Why The Most Popular Energy Supplement Is The Worst For Your Health

Have More ENERGY & Better MEMORY

Personally, I think one of the biggest problems in life that causes you to NOT be happy or achieve your goals is LACK OF ENERGY and basically, being tired all the time.

If you had more energy,

  • you’d get more work done…
  • you’d exercise more…
  • you’d get MORE out of your relationships… you’d socialize more, play with your kids, have more fun on the weekends, etc.
  • you’d be more productive in life and thus…

You’d be happier at the end of the each day because you had a FULL day! In fact, one of the biggest complaints people have when it comes to their health is, “lack of energy”.

And this is why the most used and ABUSED drug on the planet is caffeine!

This is why beverages such as coffee, tea and “energy” drinks are the biggest money-makers — everyone is drinking them to start AND get through their days. In fact, people don’t even see caffeine as a drug. They think it’s just a “supplement”.

So “energy drinks” and “energy supplements” are just another delivery mechanism for caffeine. In the old days, people would just take straight caffeine pills such as No-Doz or Vivarin.

It’s cheap and effective and yes, this is what I would do when I was younger to get through my long days at work and medical school.

I mean, it was like 6-7 days a week of 12-14 hour days. It was horrible. But I didn’t know how else to get through the day. When you’re young, your body can take the abuse.

Unfortunately, over time I noticed

  • I got fatter,
  • my sleep was horrible,
  • I was irritable all the time,
  • my sex drive was lower,
  • I was losing muscle

and worse of all, I was still TIRED all the time after the INITIAL energy “high” from the caffeine. In fact, after a while I needed the caffeine just say “normal”. I wasn’t even getting energized anymore.

And THIS is the problem with caffeine! — Your body quickly adapts after a few days or weeks. Your adrenal glands get burned out and you have “adrenal fatigue”.

Your stress hormones such as Cortisol goes sky-high, which causes negative imbalances with all of your “youth” hormones.


  • your testosterone drops…
  • your thyroid and metabolism slows down…
  • your insulin levels go up…
  • you have high blood pressure…
  • your dopamine levels (your happy neurotransmitter) and receptors don’t work very well

and the end result is accelerated aging! Both physically AND mentally. And, this is what happened to me!

So, I had to find a safe and long-term solution. The first thing I did was slowly get off anything with caffeine.

I did NOT do this “cold-turkey” or abruptly because caffeine is a drug. Your body is addicted to it, no differently than cocaine. In fact, cocaine was the original ingredient in Coca-Cola

When cocaine became illegal, they needed to find a “legal” alternative and that’s when Coca-Cola switched over to caffeine!

Anyway, as I was getting off the caffeine, I started using natural herbs to help FIX my bodies caffeine-induced problems.

I had to fix the 7 energy pathways, which I discuss in detail in my earlier article. You can Click Here to read about this article.

And this was:

  1. Improving Dopamine levels — which improves your mood and cognition.
  2. Reducing Stress Hormones (Cortisol) — which reducing aging.
  3. Increase Mitochondria — which increases energy to every cell in your body.
  4. Boost Acetylcholine Levels — which improves muscle control, sleep and brain function.
  5. Increase ATP Production — which improves cellular and “whole-body” energy levels.
  6. Improve & Increase Oxygen uptake
  7. Utilized Nootropics — which helps optimize brain function and physical performance.

When I made these improvements, not my energy levels go up and STAY up, but

  • My mood dramatically improved
  • My memory and cognition was so much better
  • I looked and felt so much younger

Of course, this took a little bit of time… about 2-3 months, since my body had to ALSO “detox” from the caffeine.

My only regret is that I didn’t start utilizing this proven formula earlier.

But as the saying goes, better late than never.

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