9 Top Bone Strengthening Foods

Build Strong Bones


Well… I would make a couple changes to the above info-graphic. First, I am NOT a fan of milk and dairy products. As the saying goes, “milk is for babies” and I would personally eliminate all dairy. That means no milk, cheese or even yogurt. Everything else on the list is fine.

Don’t forget to supplement extra magnesium, calcium, K2, D3 and a few other “bone-building” supplements into your daily diet. Not only do these vitamins help create stronger bones, but they’re also very valuable for creating stronger arteries and preventing heart attacks and strokes.

Finally, one of the best “bone-builders” is resistance exercise. That means lifting weights. Whether it’s with dumbbells, machines, cables or even your own body weight… lift and exercise your muscles because bigger muscles requires denser bones.

… And if you’re a man, make sure your testosterone is high because that creates stronger bones and bigger muscle.

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