Can Eating Oats/Oatmeal Make You Grow Taller?

A little while ago I made an article about the “health warnings for eating Oatmeal”. I made a second follow up article about “eating oats/oatmeal and how it affects your sex drive and testosterone levels”.

I mention oatmeal because I had 3 separate people ask me if eating oats or oatmeal can make them grow taller.

I also got asked the same question on Facebook.

I thought it was odd. Why would anyone think eating oats can cause you to grow taller or impede growth?


Nevertheless, the answer to this question is, NO – eating oats or oatmeal does NOT affect your height. It’s not going to make you taller or prevent you from reaching your maximum height.

However, if you’re interested in height, which many young guys are – I have done an article about getting taller… It’s called, “The Secret To Growing Taller”.

So if you’re interested in getting taller or you eat oats, make sure you read one of these articles.

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