#1 Reason You’re Not Healthy

Video Summary

Most people – 99% of people – are not healthy – physically, mentally, or emotionally. Many people are always trying to lose weight, they have pain or sleep issues or are taking a ton of prescription drugs, are not happy with how they look, have low energy levels etc.

The #1 reason why so many people are not healthy is – health is not their #1 priority.

Anything you want in life -you can have it by making it a “high priority”

If you don’t have health – you have nothing. Health should be your #1 goal – or at least your top 3 goals.

All you have to do is a simple thing I do all the time – ask yourself – “Is this current action going to improve my health or make it worse? – like a  “reality check”

Make health your #1 goal NOW – or you are going to pay the price later, and the price for that is very expensive, physically, emotionally and of course, financially.

Invest in your health today:

  • Eat Better
  • Exercise
  • Manage Stress
  • take supplements

Invest a few minutes of your time into health – it gets into a good habit and makes health your #1 priority – you’ll be grateful for it when you get older.