6 Keys to Living Longer

Improve Longevity


A lot going on with this info-graphic. I don’t think the goal for anyone is necessarily to liver longer, but to live life more youthfully. This means more energy, hope, less pain, a positive attitude, and fewer health problems … Right?…

As with everything health-related, your LIFE-STYLE matters most. This means a better diet, more exercise, stress management, and the right supplements.

Heart problems is still the #1 cause of death, which can be totally prevented.

Both of these have to do with lifestyle and can be prevented if people just did the right things.

Cancer is #3 and this one is a combination of lifestyle (which affects your hormones) and genetics. It can’t be completely prevented like the above 2 diseases, but it surely can be REDUCED greatly.

Yes, you do live longer by reducing your calories and eating less, but the REASON behind that is due to less insulin production. That’s why it is so important to eat right in order to keep your blood sugar levels healthy. Which by the way, will reduce most serious health problems!

Go ahead and have your wine and chocolate occasionally for the flavonoids (and yummy taste =), but focus more on eating lots of fruits and vegetables. Pick a variety of colors and eat as much as you want.

And as far as the future… stem cells, altering DNA and genetics … Well, that’s many, many years away. The media always likes to say “2-5 years”, but you know it’s always so much longer.

In so meantime, focus on healthy living, and part of that is just having the right, the mental attitude of positive expectancy. You can prepare for the worst, but always expect the best!!!

Oh… and don’t forget to smile and laugh often, it’s good for your mind and body 🙂


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