🚽How Many Times Should You Pee Daily? What’s Normal? (2024)

Video Summary

How often you urinate is a very important sign of your overall health. And it begins in infancy and continues throughout your life.

On average, most people pee 6-7 times during a 24-hour period. And between 4-10x daily is considered healthy.

I’m Peeing More Often

What are the potential causes of peeing more often?

Certain drugs will act as diuretics and cause you to pee more often.

  • Caffeine is one – coffee, tea, sodas, energy drinks
  • Many blood pressure drugs

I’m Not Peeing Very Often

Now, what if the problem is that you’re just not peeing very often, maybe only 2-3x daily?

You might just be dehydrated and need to consume more liquids, preferably water.

Keep in mind that all of this peeing affects your kidneys. Having healthy urine frequency and color is a sign of a strong and healthy kidney function.

See your doctor if you have any of the negative symptoms and do a blood test for your kidney function.

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