One Of Nature’s Greatest Miracles – The Sun & Vitamin D

I try to keep my articles any anything I write or speak about, short and to the point. I figure, you’re busy and nobody wants to read endless amounts of paragraphs. “Just give me the facts and an action plan and I’m on my way!”.

So, here’s the deal:

I Bet $1000.00 YOU’RE Deficient In Vitamin D!

How can I make such a “prediction”?

Research shows that over 87% of the American population is deficient in vitamin D. And, close to 97% of African Americans or deeply pigmented individuals.

Add to it the fact that many people are scared of the sun because of skin cancer(total BS, read my Tanning Prevents Skin Cancer article), most people are indoors almost the entire day and you have a massive population of people who rarely get direct sunlight on their body.

“So, What’s The Big Deal?…”

Simple, vitamin D deficiency has been CLEARLY linked to the following diseases and health conditions:

Cancer Fatigue & Low Energy Heart problems
Feelings Of Sadness Obesity & Weight Gain Rheumatoid arthritis
Blood sugar problems Multiple Sclerosis Crohn’s disease
Cold & Flu Inflammatory Bowel Disease Tuberculosis
Anxiety Signs of aging Low Testosterone
Eczema & Psoriasis Insomnia Hearing loss
Muscle pain Cavities arteriosclerosis
Osteoporosis Fatigue Reduced C-section risk
Blood Pressure Problems Seizures Low Sex Drive
Asthma Cystic fibrosis Migraines
Autism Memory loss Schizophrenia


Of course, lack of vitamin D isn’t going to cause all the above problems for you. But if you do have one of the above “issues”, it’s a good guarantee that your vitamin D deficiency is making it worse.

Increasing Vitamin D3, Can Save Over 1.2 Million Lives Yearly!

The newest research shows that simply increasing levels of vitamin D3, could prevent diseases that claim over 1.2 million lives, each and every year.

It’s such an EASY and INEXPENSIVE solution, you’d be crazy not to do something about it right now…

“What Can You Do RIGHT Now?…”

It’s easy, here’s what I suggest:

  • IF you can, try to get out in the sunlight every day. You can read my tanning article for specifics.
  • If you can’t get some natural sunlight, you can try tanning beds. But, well… I’m still not too hot on this idea, since most commercial brands aren’t well maintained and people tend to overdo it and get burned.
  • The simplest solution is to just take oral vitamin D3 pills daily – that’s what I do!

“How Much Should I Take?”

My very generalized answer for adults is to take 2000-5000 units daily, with food, but take the weekends OFF.  And it’s best to take it in the morning with your breakfast. So, every WEEKDAY, take a 2000-5000 unit pill (they are super small)with breakfast. Don’t take any Saturday/Sunday.

I use the 5000 unit version by Now Foods, 120 pills per bottle for about $8. It works out to about 6 cents a day. They’re a good company, super cheap, and very convenient. You can get it anywhere online or at a local vitamin store.

Of course, ideally, you would get blood tests to see where your current levels are and adjust your Vitamin D dosage accordingly. But I know most people won’t do this(hassle, expense, etc.).

BUT, if you do, your optimal level should be between 50-65 ng/ml.

Conclusion & Summary

Almost everything alive on this planet NEEDS the sun. Vitamin D is one of its many benefits. Close to 90% of people are deficient and it leads to dozens of common diseases.

Try to get more sunlight when you can and take a Vitamin D3 supplement daily. Preferably 5000 units on weekdays, with the weekends off.

For about a nickel a day, you simply can’t go wrong…

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