Does Vitamin D Make You Taller?

YES! - Improve My Vitamin D+K

Video Summary

Can Vitamin D make you grow taller?

Growing taller can only happen if you’re still going through puberty. If you’re after the age of probably 21 or up to 25, chances are you are DONE growing taller. Your bones have fused.

Genetics and hormones control your height.

Vitamin D is technically a hormone – thus, very important for healthy growth.

Vitamin D also helps increase calcium absorption to help maintain skeletal health and bone growth and density.

One study found that giving children with low vitamin D levels a vitamin D supplement resulted in increased growth over a 6-month period

Keep in mind that Vitamin D needs to be taken with Vitamin K2, to help promote proper calcium absorption into your bones and not your arteries.

You might consider supplementing your diet with a good Vitamin D3 + K2 supplement and the one my family and I use is the Perfect Vitamin D&K