The Best & Worst Time To Take Vitamin D

YES! - Increase My Vitamin D+K

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Vitamin D is very powerful and has many benefits for your health – from the immune system to longevity and energy levels. It’s more than an essential vitamin – it’s actually a hormone.

Most people are deficient in Vitamin D because we spend most of the time indoors – that’s why we all need to take additional Vitamin D.

How And When To Take Vit D

  • Vitamin D is fat-soluble, so it should be taken with a meal that contains fat
  • It gives energy and interferes with melatonin production, so take it only in the morning with food.
  • Take D3, not regular D or D2
  • Take it with K2, MK-7 is the best version… helps remove calcium out of the arteries and puts it in the bone
  • The ideal ratio is about 125 mcg of D3 and 50 mcg of K2
  • Vegetarian sources are safer and more bioavailable than oil-based

What I’ve been using the past few years is Perfect Vitamin DK™ because it contains the correct patented forms, backed by over 25+ clinical studies, at the scientifically validated dose of 2.5:1 ratio for maximum safetybioavailability, and absorbability.

And the best part, it only costs a few pennies a day. 

My Favorite Solution For Quickly
Increasing Your Vitamin D+K Levels

proven solution for increasing vitamin d and k

There are literally dozens of health benefits for improving your Vitamin D levels -- improved immunity, decreasing illnesses, energy, stronger bonus, ant-aging, etc., etc., etc.

However, there are 3 big problems:


It's been estimated about 93% of the population is deficient in Vitamin D. Because:

  • we're not getting enough sun (minimum of 30 min daily in summer, 60 min in winter)
  • poor hormone levels due to aging
  • higher body fat levels

Wrong Form & Dose:

Most people are taking the wrong form and too low of a dose. It needs to be

  • D3 version (as Cholecalciferol)
  • plant-based; microencapsulated (not oil caplets)
  • a daily dose of 5,000 IU (125 MCG) or more

Needs Vitamin K

  • must be K2 (Natural MK-7; as trans menaquinone-7)
  • takes calcium out of blood & into bones
  • improves D3 absorbability

The above reasons (and many more) is why most of us most must take additional Vitamin D + K, daily... And to make sure you take the right form, dose and blend ... which most of us aren't!

If this is something you're also interested in, you can easily copy my favorite solution, implement it and start seeing and feeling results within days...

YES! - Increase My Vitamin D+K