What Is the Optimal Level of Vit D (Great Health)

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How would you know if you have low levels of Vitamin D?…

The best way is to do a blood test and measure the 25-hydroxy vitamin D.

What Is Considered Low?

The range is between 0 to 100 ng/ML.

Less than 25, you are low.

Between 25-35 – this is borderline low.

The optimal range by many experts is between 35-60.

I like levels to be between 75-90 – especially if you exercise a lot, live stressfully, aren’t good sleepers, etc

Some will say anything over 90 or 100 is “toxic”, but this is a rarity.

After all the optimal range is between 35-75. I like it above 50 as the minimum.

What You Can Do?

Keep in mind that you should NOT go and just supplement with any vitamin D.

It needs to be Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) – NOT regular D or D2 (ergocalciferol).

Secondly, Vitamin D3 works directly with vitamin K2 [more specifically as MK-7 (trans menaquinone-7)] to help optimize both absorbability and safety.

Also, don’t take regular K or K1, or the synthetic K3 – It must be K2, specifically as MK-7 (trans menaquinone-7)]

So, don’t take either of these vitamins by themselves. And only take the D3 + K2 forms, together in one pill at the same time. Preferably in the morning with food.

The Best Solution

The best D3+K2 supplement that my family and I take, which utilizes the correct dosage, form, and ratios of the clinically researched versions of these two vitamins is called – Perfect Vitamin D&K.

All you need is one small pill daily and it does it all – saving you time and money..

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