10 Signs You Have Poor Inflammation & Accelerated Aging!

"YES - I Want LESS Pain & Inflammation"

How do I know if I have poor inflammatory responses?

One way is to do a blood test and check your C-Reactive Protein (CRP) levels. However, this isn’t always accurate since it’s giving you a snapshot of that day or recent times, not the long-term.

10 Most Common Symptoms Of  Poor Inflammatory Responses

Today I’m going to reveal the 10 most common symptoms of chronic and “bad” inflammation.

1. Tired All The Time

If you’re tired all the time, this can mean you have proor inflammatory responses.

Maybe you’re sleeping too little or even too much, both can create inflammation – especially being sleep deprived which most of us are.

Exercising too much, all the time will also cause extra inflammation.

2. Aches & Pains

This leads to one of the biggest indicators of unhealthy inflammatory response and that’s aches and pains. This can be muscular or bone or ligaments or tendons or joints.

And this gets worse as we age and this is why it’s also called “inflammAGING

3. Stuffy Nose

One of the most common ways the body lets you know something is wrong is through inflamed nasal cavities.

At first, it may seem as if you have a stuffy nose and you assume it is seasonal allergies or a simple cold.

But, since inflammation is the body’s way of fighting off foreign substances and protecting itself, a stuffy nose could be a sign of unhealthy inflammation.

4. Digestive Issues

This is a big one for most people due to bad, inflammatory diets – in addition to emotional stress.

Ongoing symptoms like stomach pain, diarrhea or gassiness could be signs of unhealthy inflammation, especially in the gastrointestinal tract.

Remember – food allergies, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s, and similar digestive problems are all related to and linked to bad inflammatory responses.

5. Heartburn

Over 30% of the population experience heartburn on a WEEKLY basis. And during times of stress, it happens more often and many times this is an unhealthy inflammatory problem.

6. Brain Fog & Poor Mental Clarity

Brain fog is characterized by confusion, forgetfulness, and a lack of focus and mental clarity. This can be caused by overworking, lack of sleep, stress, and spending too much time on the computer.

All of these causes also are linked to unhealthy inflammatory responses.

7. Skin Problems

Most people don’t know just how bad inflammation is for your skin, this includes the scalp and thus, hair loss.

Internal inflammation can reveal itself externally.

8. Headaches

No one knows the exact causes of migraines and ongoing headaches, but scientists do know that one major cause is due to neurogenic inflammation, which is a type of inflammation in the brain.

9. Metabolic Problems

Many metabolic disorders are linked to bad inflammatory responses.

Of course, all of these problems are linked to heart, blood sugar, memory problems, and so forth.

10. Vascular & Erectile Problems

In addition to metabolic problems, chronic inflammation is also linked to vascular problems.

This has to do with unhealthy blood flow and circulation. This means cold extremities such as hands and feet. Or numbness.

In men, this can also cause erectile problems and impotence.

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