5 Best Foods Guaranteed To Reduce Pain & Inflammation in 2024

"YES - I Want LESS Pain & Inflammation"

It’s 2024 and today I’m going to reveal 5 best foods that help reduce pain & inflammation.

When you have pain, it negatively affects your entire life. Of course, emotional pain can suck the life out of you and cause depression.

But so can physical pain in many ways because you can’t do so many things in life. Heck, even sleeping can become a major problem.

inflammation & pain

For example, I have multiple herniated discs in my back, shoulder pain with limited mobility and knees and ankles that snap, crackle, and pop every time I go upstairs.

And this is just from years of working out, wear-and-tear and of course, aging.

The good news is that over the years, my pain has actually improved. I was in more pain in my 30s than I am in my 40s.

And soon I’ll be entering my 50s, I’m certain I’ll have even LESS pain – while other people my age are going to be dealing with more pain and suffering.

And the reason is that I’ve focused 100% of my diet and supplements to help reduce inflammation – which is the primary cause of pain — in your joints, tendons, and ligaments, and also muscles.

So today I’m going to tell you the 5 best foods to eat daily to help reduce inflammation, which will dramatically help lower your pain over time and more importantly, help you avoid further deterioration of your joints, tendons, and ligaments.

Remember, the older we get, the more inflammation and pain … In fact, it’s called “Inflammaging”.

So you MUST take action today and just apply some of the suggestions and tips I recommend, so you can live a healthier, longer and happier life.

I’ve also posted links about this topic at the bottom of this article that you can get access to for free, simply because I think this is a super important topic that all need to take action on, especially if you’re over the age of 35.

So, let’s get started!…

Healthy Fats

We have good and bad fats. Healthy fats actually help reduce inflammation and pain, while other fats cause the opposite.

Unfortunately, most people eat unhealthy fats which I discuss in detail in a different article Basically, stay away from the usual vegetable and seed oils.

healthy fats reduce inflammation

But today we want to focus on you eating more healthy fats such as:

  • Extra virgin, cold-pressed olive oil
  • Walnuts, Almonds, Macadamia nuts, and small amounts of hazelnuts
  • Avocados
  • Fish oil

Healthy Proteins

Just like fat, we have good and bad proteins.

The best source of anti-inflammatory protein is wild-caught salmon. Anchovies and sardines are also good if you’re okay with the taste. Halibut is okay too.

Most other fish either have too much mercury or don’t have enough anti-inflammatory omega-3 fats like Salmon does.

healthy proteins reduce inflammation

Red meat causes inflammation, but grass-fed Bison is actually pretty good in small amounts.

You can also try vegetable protein sources such as non-GMO hemp and white-rice protein. But don’t consume too much pea protein, because it causes inflammation.

Healthy Carbohydrates

Again, we have good and bad carbs. High blood sugar levels due to eating the wrong carbohydrates or too much will cause a lot of inflammation, so keep this in mind.

The best are vegetables such as broccoli and spinach, these are two of the best.

healthy carbs reduce inflammation

Fruits such as berries are great. Pineapples and papaya are also fantastic.

Beans are good, especially lentils. Make sure they are pressure cooked or soaked and drained for 24 hours before cooking to remove inflammatory lectins.

Healthy Drinks

Almost anything you drink is going to cause inflammation. Low-sugar and green drinks are good.

healthy drinks reduce inflammation

However, it’s best to stick to water with some lemon and also green tea as your primary beverages.

“Drug-Like” Herbs & Supplements

And yes, there are some very powerful herbs and supplements that have “drug-like”, healthy inflammatory benefits… Which can help improve longevity, reduce temporary pain, and improve mobility …

And do this without the negative side effects of drugs!

The most powerful ones that are backed by scientific research are:

  • Curcumin extract
  • Ginger
  • Green tea
  • Boswellia
  • White Will Bark
  • Pycnogenol
  • Trans-Resveratrol
  • Quercetin

And a few other herbs and minerals. I’ve put a link below to the best ingredients, how they work, the correct dosages, and so forth.

Plus a product that I’ve been personally using for over a decade.

Again, all links are at the end of the article.


Again, if you want to reduce pain and live a longer and healthier life, you MUST decrease inflammation. This should be your #1 goal right now.

Read this article again. Implement just a couple of the suggestions and foods I’ve mentioned.

And if you don’t feel like making big lifestyle changes … if you’re in a rush and you want much faster results, which I think we all do when we have pain…

Then you may want to consider taking a proven supplement such as Inflame & Pain Relief, which is what I’ve been taking since 2008.

Either way, whatever you do, do something to support a healthy inflammatory response and decrease your pain.

You’ll feel so much better and younger!

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