What Really Is Inflammation? Acute vs Chronic

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Video Summary

Inflammation refers to your body’s process of fighting against things that harm it, in an attempt to heal itself.

When something damages your cells, your body releases chemicals that trigger a response from your immune system.

This response includes the release of antibodies and proteins, as well as increased blood flow to the damaged area.

This is known as “acute inflammation” and this is good. This is part of the survival mechanism.

Two Types Of Inflammation

  • Acute inflammation usually occurs for a short (yet often severe) duration. It often resolves in two weeks or less. Symptoms appear quickly.
  • Chronic inflammation is a slower and generally less severe form of inflammation. It typically lasts longer than six weeks. It can occur even when there’s no injury. Chronic inflammation has been linked to autoimmune disorders and prolonged stress.

Real Problem

This form of “chronicinflammation is the REAL problem.

This is why it’s called “inflammaging” because we have more of it as we age since our bodies have a harder time fighting against it due to the lack of optimal hormones, stem cells, and so forth.

This chronic inflammation is what negatively affects your body and brain, inside and out.

This is what accelerates aging, causes pain, wrinkles and hair loss, negative hormonal imbalances, and mood changes.

This is what slowly damages your organs – heart, pancreas, liver, etc.

The Solution

Our goal is to reduce chronic inflammation so you look and feel better and slow down the aging process.

Taking herbal extracts such as curcumingingerBoswelliaGreen TeaPine BarkAstragalusResveratrolQuercetin, and a few others can help support a healthy inflammatory response

I recommend Inflame & Pain Relief™, which contains all the above key ingredients, at the correct clinically proven dosages… and will help promote a healthy inflammatory response

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