Reduce Inflammation & Pain By Drinking This Daily In 2024?

"YES - I Want LESS Pain & Inflammation"

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It’s 2024 and inflammation is one of the biggest health problems that many of us are dealing with, especially as we get past the age of 35.

It causes numerous health problems, a major cause of aging, and also linked to joint pain issues.

And the older we get, the more inflamed we become.

What we drink, similar to what we eat, surely affects inflammatory factors in the body and thus can accelerate aging and cause more pain in the body.

There are polyphenols in certain tea and coffee… Enzymes found in pineapple juice… Resveratrol is found in wine… all of which claim to help reduce inflammation.

But, the truth is, each of these beverages will also cause inflammation in other ways, in addition to other health problems such as elevated blood sugar and stress hormones.

ONE Drink GUARANTEED To Lower Inflammation

It’s a simple answer – it’s water.

I know it’s not a “sexy” answer, but remember – your body is made up of mostly water – salt water to be specific.

Unfortunately, most people are dehydrated.

  • Water benefits your entire body
  • Water is good for your skin, muscles, and joints.
  • Water keeps your organs cleaner and stronger.
  • Water gets rid of toxins, which cause inflammation.

So, again – drink more clean water every day.

I add a little bit of salt into the water, which helps it get better absorbed and also lowers anxiety.

One reason people pee a lot more when they start drinking more water is a lack of sodium to help absorb it.

Again, your body is made up mostly of SALT WATER.

I also add a little bit of lemon juice as well into my water for taste and to help alkalize it.

Additionally, I’ll add in stevia to sweeten it.

It ends up tasting like lemonade. But, with no calories, improves my mood and also helps reduce my appetite.

I personally try to drink about a gallon a day.

Try to aim for half your body weight in ounces. So, if you weigh 200 lbs, drink at least 100 oz of water. More if you exercise.

I also take 2 other potent supplements – 3-6 grams of fish oil a day and an herbal supplement called, Inflame & Pain Relief.

The end result is you’ll look better, feel more energetic and live a better life!

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