Review of Andractim Testosterone Gel

There is little doubt that testosterone replacement products are all the rage on the internet. With more studies showing the link between the drop in men’s testosterone level as they age with higher than normal weight, less energy and low sex drive, it is little wonder that a number of products have hit the shelves promising to increase a man’s ability to produce testosterone.

Andractim Testosterone Gel is one such product that promises to help men boost their testosterone levels naturally as they age. However, while mainly marketed towards older men the product is also targeted at those who are bodybuilders or just want a boost to what they naturally produce. Andractim Testosterone Gel is a product that is actually a prescribed version of medication that applied topically to the skin rather than internally.

However, since the concentration level of the active ingredients is much lower than the prescription version, this product can be sold over the counter.

What Andractim Testosterone Gel Contains

While most gels are synthetic testosterone, Andractim uses Dihydrotestonerone or DHT which is a version of testosterone that is more readily absorbed in the body especially through the skin. This means that unlike many natural or herbal products, this is actually feeding your body the testosterone it wants in order to boost the sex drive, increase lean muscle mass and also improve the overall energy and mood of a man as well.

There are many effects that are attributed to this product as well as fewer side effects such as the enlargement of breast tissue or growth of the prostate. In many ways, this product does seem like the answer that many men have been looking for, especially the ones who want to enjoy more muscle mass while losing the excess fat.

Does it Work?

The fact is that it does work, although it will actually encourage more hair loss in men who have male pattern baldness. Plus, you do not want other members of your family to come into contact with the product, such as children or women as it might cause a number of unexpected side effects.

There is no prescription needed and its purpose is to restore the balance of male to female hormones in the body. It has been linked with correcting the effects of gynomastia and may even cause penis growth in certain men as well. However, this product is only for men who actually need a boost in their testosterone which can only be determined by a doctor running the appropriate tests, so it is advisable to see your physician first to understand if this is the product that you really need.

It is a powerful product that arguably should only be used in the short term as no long term studies have been performed. However, there is little doubt to the effectiveness of Andractim Testosterone Gel when used in the proper amounts to help boost testosterone levels which in turn should assist in the dropping of the unnecessary fat from the body.

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