Review of Syntheroid Testosterone Booster

With the number of studies that have been performed on men who have levels of testosterone that drop due to their age, there has been an interest in boosting these levels using both direct and indirect means. There are prescription products that provide actual testosterone or the synthetic equivalent which will increase the amount present in the body as the direct approach. Plus, there are a group of non-prescription medications that are designed to boost the body’s ability to produce testosterone on its own.

What It Offers

Syntheroid Testosterone Booster falls into the latter category of products that uses vitamins, minerals and herbs in an attempt to boost the levels of testosterone in the body. The product contains the usual number of herbs in an attempt to either provide or at least mimic the ability to boost testosterone in the body.

However, like many other natural products the ability to boost testosterone through the use of herbs, minerals and vitamins is quite limited. This is because the body’s reduction in the amount of testosterone produced is a natural process that can be limited in certain ways by eating a healthy diet, exercising and consuming the right combination of supplements, but reversing the process and increasing testosterone production back to their more youthful levels is simply not possible using this approach.

Does It Work?

By work, does it mean that the product has demonstrated in clinical studies as proven to boost testosterone levels? The answer here is no as the Syntheroid Testosterone Booster does not make such claims nor is there any evidence that it does actually boost the overall levels of testosterone in the body.

At the very least, there are no reported outstanding side effects that might be detrimental to its overall use. However, as with any product of this type it is best to consult with your doctor if you are taking prescription medication to ensure that there is no danger of having an unforeseen reaction.

One of the main issues that works against this product is the claim that it may produce testosterone levels “400%” higher than what the body is currently producing. This is rather clever deception in advertising because it does not claim to produce specific results, only that it may produce levels at an astounding rate higher than what the body is currently producing.

So, for a product that costs a considerable amount of money on the shelves, it is rather disappointing that it cannot actually show it produces any real effect on testosterone levels. However, this should be expected of most products of its type because reversing the aging process when it comes to testosterone production has not been demonstrated using over the counter ingredients.

Only testosterone or its DHT equivalent has demonstrated clinical results in boosting levels of testosterone and that’s because it supplements what the body produces, it does not cause the additional production. So overall, the Syntheroid Testosterone Booster is a product that is long on promises and short on results.

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