Testosterone Injections and Sperm Count

One of the more interesting conundrums is the relationship between testosterone levels and sperm count. Increasing the testosterone levels in a man will also increase his sex drive. However, raising such levels will also reduce his sperm count. This does seem counter intuitive, yet it is the case with men who take testosterone to help them in a variety of ways.

In addition, while low levels of testosterone stalls out the sex drive, it also contributes to erectile dysfunction as well although it is not the only cause.

The Benefits of Testosterone Injections

There are certainly many benefits that it can bring to the male body in addition to increasing the sex drive. As men age, they lose their natural muscle tone and gain excess weight. The correlation between muscle mass and fat starts to change and it become tougher for men to lose the excessive weight. In addition, energy levels get lower and it becomes even more difficult for men to get going.

The most obvious benefit is that testosterone levels are increased back to their normal levels. In older men, having higher testosterone levels means better preservation of the muscle mass. This can be enhanced with resistance exercises which help to increase the amount of muscle tissue.

Higher testosterone levels also mean greater weight loss potential as well. This is because your muscles are now in better shape to help burn away the buildup of fat. With higher levels of testosterone, you can shed the excess weight with the proper diet and exercise pattern in a quicker fashion than without.

The Downside of Testosterone Injections

However, it should be noted that increasing the levels of testosterone in your body will have some negative effects as well. If you are still interested in having children, then the increased amounts of testosterone will actually lower your sperm count and thus reduce the chances for procreation. In fact, increased levels of testosterone have actually been studied as a form of birth control since in 90% of men the sperm count actually drops to zero.

The sterility in men occurs when testosterone levels generally exceed their normal levels. This is because when additional testosterone is added, your brain signals that it has more than enough so it stops sending signals to the testes to create more which in turn shuts down the production of sperm as well. However, this is a temporary condition that lasts only as long as injections of testosterone are being placed in your body.

In normal doses they can actually help in the development of sperm. The male brain creates a special hormone that causes more testosterone to be developed in order for a healthy amount of sperm to be present in the body.

Overall, getting testosterone injections should be the result of getting tested for your current levels and discussing with your doctor the right option for your lifestyle. If you are past the point of desiring children and have low testosterone levels, then you should consider therapy that includes injections of testosterone in your body.

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