The #1 Question About The Negative Effects Of Masturbation

In a previous article, I covered the negative effects of masturbation. The number one question I got is how often it should be done. It depends on your body – your age, hormones, etc. Generally, daily is too often as there needs to be a balance...

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Earlier this year, due to popular demand and lots of questions about this topic, I made an article entitled, “WARNING: The Negative Effects Of Masturbation”.

It’s been viewed well over a million times, with hundreds of comments and questions.

Today’s topic is a follow up to the #1 asked question about that article… which I’ll get to in a second.

How Often

So one question that got asked many, many times is, “how often SHOULD I masturbate?”

Well, this is a difficult question to answer because everyone has different needs due to age, hormones, etc.

Some people told me they were masturbating daily, sometimes multiple times a day. Obviously, this is a young guy because someone in their 30s and older isn’t doing it this often.

They simply can’t due to the lack of optimal hormonal balance. Plus, they’re just too busy with life, more stress, more responsibilities, etc.

Anyway, daily is too often as described in the original article.

And I stated the negative reasons why, so please make sure you read that article.

However, just like working out, there needs to be a balance between activity and rest.

Too much, too often, too long will always result in negative changes in your hormones and negative side-effects.

So, my suggestion is to keep it simple and those of you who are “excessive masturbators”, reduce it to 3x weekly, or every-other-day.

And I also define “excessive” in the original article.

Kegel Exercises

On your “off days”, when you’re not masturbating, I suggest you do Kegel exercises.

Kegel-ExercisesIt’ll help improve erection strength, reduce erectile problems/dysfunctions, and improve your “performance” in the bedroom.

Maturbate, But Don’t Orgasm

The other thing you can do on your “off days”, in addition to the Kegel exercises, is to maturbate, but do NOT have an orgasm.

Masturbation will help increase your testosterone levels, without the negative hormonal changes; such as an increase in Prolactin, which happens after your orgasm.

HOWEVER, you must NOT masturbate using any porn. Just close your eyes and use your mind. Be IN the moment.


This will help improve your “mind-to-penis” connection and it’ll improve your performance in bed as well.

This is similar to when you’re lifting weights … experienced lifters have learned to improve their “mind-to-muscle” connection, which results in better pumps, muscle growth, and performance.

Not “Excessive”

And for those of you who aren’t “excessive masturbators”, who want to know how often you “should” masturbate, I think once a week is good enough.

Now, this isn’t written in stone and see how you feel and maybe you can go even less often.

But, once a week, IF you’re not having sex and having orgasms, is enough to “keep the pipes clean”, if you know what I mean?

It’s also good for the prostate and has other benefits, as mentioned in the original article.

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