Female Hormones Can Make Your Hair Fall – Hair Loss Part 4

"I Want Healthy Hormones & Hair Growth"

So far we’ve learned that people losing hair are aging faster and they have:

But do you know what’s the cause of these two hormonal imbalances?

It’s the increase in FEMALE hormones, primarily estrogens, and more specifically, estradiol.

Sadly, as estrogen levels rise, so do the other female hormones, such as prolactin, and even progesterone in some cases.

So why is this so bad and why does it happen?

WHY Is Estrogen Bad?

Well, as estrogen and female hormones go up, it signals your HPTA system (Hypothalamic Pituitary Testicular Axis), to produce LESS testosterone.

A man’s body doesn’t like high estrogen… that’s more for women.

Because of this, it has its own, internal “estrogen inhibitor” and that’s DHT – the HAIR LOSS hormone!

This is a VERY IMPORTANT concept to understand that 99% of people don’t know, so I’ll repeat it again.

DHT is a natural estrogen inhibitor!

So now you know why your DHT (the hair loss hormone) levels go up, it’s to lower your “high” estrogen – the REAL problem!

I’m sure you’ve heard some guys being referred to as “short, fat, bald, and hairy”, right?


Well, the “short and fat” is from higher estrogen.

The “bald and hairy” is from higher DHT.

Yes, genetics plays a big role here, but our environment can make things much worse and speed up the negatives.

WHY Does It Go Up?

So why does estrogen go up?

Well, there are lots of reasons…

Unfortunately, due to modern society, there are lots of environmental, “external” reasons…

Such as the foods we eat, plastics, chemicals found in everyday stuff, electronic devices, and so forth.


The good news is a lot of you can control it, but unfortunately, there are just so many things that are out of our control or it’s just not convenient – like staying away from electronic devices.

That’s not doable for most of us.

Then there are “internal” reasons.

Typically, as men age, there is an increase in the “aromatase” enzyme, which converts testosterone to estrogen. Which explains why a man’s testosterone starts to drop in his mid 20s and really falls in his 40s and beyond.

So, aging is a cause…

Additionally, the higher your body fat, the higher your estrogen levels because your fat cells produce their own estrogen independently.

And this turns into a negative cycle because the fatter you are, the more estrogen you produce. And the more estrogen you produce, the fatter you become!

How Can You Lower Estrogen?

It’s actually very easy since I’ve done it hundreds of times over the past two decades.

  • Eat more natural, organic foods. Less processed foods.
  • Limit or reduce anything with plastics, such as bottled waters and Tupperware.
  • I know it’s almost impossible to reduce electronic device usage. But one thing is to NOT put your cell phone near your testicles and thus, NOT near your lap or in your pocket. Also, don’t microwave your foods, at all…, especially in anything plastic!



  • Lose body fat.
  • And take natural estrogen inhibiting herbs such as DIM, Curcumin, and White Button Mushroom Extract. These herbs work really fast and can be almost as powerful as drugs, but without any of the negative side effects.


In order to fix things and age better, you want to

  1. Increase your testosterone
  2. Lower your DHT
  3. Lower your Estrogen

Now, we’ve all known how stress is really bad for your health. However, stress is SUPER bad for your testosterone levels and it accelerates hair loss faster than most hormones.

In fact, in my next article I’ll reveal one of worst causes of hair loss

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